Ultimate Coffee Boost Combo

Ultimate Coffee Boost Combo


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coffee body scrub I Bella Vita Organic
Instant Coffee Cubes
tan removal scrub
Coffee Combo I Bella Vita Organic
coffee body scrub I Bella Vita Organic
Instant Coffee Cubes
tan removal scrub
Coffee Combo I Bella Vita Organic
Exfoliate Face & Body Scrub, Coffee Cubes
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Experience the energizing magic of coffee and turn self-care into a moment to savour and have fun with the Bella Vita Organic & Bevzilla Ultimate Coffee Boost Combo, which is your perfect caffeine fix. This combo has been crafted to elevate your mind and enliven your senses, making it perfect for at-home self-pampering sessions. Infused with all-natural ingredients, this combo contains:

Exfoliate Face & Body Scrub: Enriched with the benefits of Coffee, the Bella Vita Organic Exfoliate helps to remove impurities, dead skin cells and tan from your face and body without drying out your skin.

Bevzilla Pack of 10: Instantly brew your favourite coffee with the Bevzilla Coffee Cubes, a healthier, tastier & frothier version of pure caffeine bliss. Sweetened with Date Palm Jaggery, take your pick from a variety of flavours and get your coffee on the go.


  • Assorted Pack of different cubes packed together to cater to all your coffee cravings
  • Gently removes dirt, dead cells & impurities from the skin
  • Keeps the skin hydrated, nourished & polished


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What We Put In?
COFFEE Removes tan & impurities & fights free radicals
WALNUT Freshly ground walnut shell buffs your skin to remove dead skin cells and absorb excess oil
ROCK SALT Has 84 natural minerals that absorb toxins, soothes your skin & calms irritated skin
COCONUT Boosts skin hydration skin & nourishment
Performance (As voted by our Customers)
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Is coffee scrub good for your face?
Yes, a coffee scrub makes for a good scrub for both the face and the body. Coffee eliminates dead skin cells, promoting a youthful glow.

What can I mix with a coffee face scrub?
Coffee scrub makes for a great DIY recipe base. You can mix coconut oil for a moisturising body scrub or honey. Use it with Vitamin-E oil for excellent facial exfoliation.

Does coffee scrub darken skin?
Not at all! Coffee scrub doesn't make your skin dark or dry. On the contrary, it leads to smooth, supple, bright and glowing skin.

Can I apply coffee on my face daily?
It's not good to exfoliate your face every day, but you can use coffee daily on your face in the form of face wash and masks. Using coffee daily helps you get rid of acne marks and promotes healthy-looking skin.

Can a coffee scrub remove blackheads?
Coffee is one of the best skincare ingredients that can be used to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads on your skin.

Can coffee remove wrinkles?
When applied directly to your skin, coffee may help decrease the appearance of sun spots, redness, wrinkles and fine lines.

What is a coffee cube?
Coffee cubes are coffee-infused ice cubes. These cubes are a blessing for your skin and act as an excellent skin exfoliator.

How are instant coffee cubes made?
You can prepare instant coffee cubes by mixing coffee and water and freezing them.

How long do coffee cubes last?
Once you freeze your coffee ice cubes, you can use them for about two weeks.

Is Bevzilla coffee ice cubes good?
Made from 100% Pure Arabica coffee, Bevzilla coffee ice cubes are the perfect option for coffee lovers. Let Bella Vita Organic's overnight skin repair cream do all the work while you take your beauty sleep.

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