Anti acne face wash

Anti acne face wash


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Anti acne face wash
Anti acne face wash
Anti acne face wash
Anti acne face wash
Anti acne face wash
Anti acne face wash
Anti acne face wash
Anti acne face wash
Deep Cleanser, Spot Treatment & Pimple Repair
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Clearer, cleaner & smoother skin is here! The Bella Vita Organic Anti Acne Face Wash is a natural & Ayurvedic blend of ingredients that come together to help you treat and repair acne prone skin. The Anti-Acne Face Wash is power packed with natural herbs like Aloe Vera, Neem, Willow Bark, Tulsi and Tea Tree that nourish the skin and prevent pimples, acne and further breakouts. Willow bark has natural salicylic acid that breaks down the oils. The anti-inflammatory properties of Neem, the healing antioxidants of Aloe Vera, and the gentle nourishment of the Tea Tree give you soft & supple skin. The essence of Neem fights the bacteria while the Aloe Vera soothes your skin and reduces sun damage. 

Key Benefits:

  • Controls and reduces acne and marks
  • Brightens & deep cleans face
  • Reduces excess oil production
  • De-tans face & reduces sun damage
  • Removes dirt, oil, pollutants & dust from pores

Note: Always do a patch test before using the product.
Bella Vita Organic products are created using natural products so their colour and fragrance may vary over time but will not affect the efficacy of the product.

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Care Instructions

How To Use?
Step 1 Take a pea sized amount and apply it on a wet face & neck
Step 2 Gently massage in circular motion to create lather, rinse well & pat dry
Step 3 For best results, use twice a day - AM & PM
What We Put In?
TULSI Deep cleans, purifies and soothes the skin
NEEM Has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces pimples and clears clogged pores
TEA TREE Clarifies skin by reducing production of sebum
WILLOW BARK Has natural salicylic acid that breaks down oils in pores and clears them out
Performance (As voted by our Customers)
Is this product Unisex?
Yes, this product is unisex.

What does Willow Bark do?
Willow Bark contains natural salicylic acid which is known to be a miracle worker for acne prone skin. It breaks down dirt and oil from your pores, which helps treat active acne but also prevent further breakouts.

Can I use this both AM & PM?
Our recommendation is to use this face wash twice a day, AM & PM for best results.

Is this product Silicon free?
Yes, this product is Silicon-free.

Will this face wash help reduce my acne?
Yes, this face wash is created with natural ingredients that work together not just to help reduce active acne but also prevent further breakouts.