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Self-care is for everyone, and inspires people across age and gender. BVO as a brand understands this and has taken a progressive approach to address the self-care needs of the modern-day consumer.

Bella Vita Organic has brought high quality yet affordable skincare, natural wellness and beauty products under the umbrella of Indian Ayurveda.

"Most Trusted Brand for Natural & Ayurvedic Products" - Golden Glory Awards 2021

Tied to the niche concerns of its customers in the beauty and skincare segments, Bella Vita's progress has changed the skincare game.

IDAM House of Brands’ business model is about creating ayurvedic, and effective products for new-age consumers

This pore-cleansing face wash with green tea extract helps in controlling sebum production making your skin acne-free!

Suitable for all skin types, BVO's GrowBrow Hair Growth & Volume Oil strengthens hair follicles and roots on your brow and protects them from chemical damage that comes with using makeup everyday.