Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls

Eau De Parfum

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Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls

Eau De Parfum

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Long Lasting

Long Lasting

IFRA - Certified

Imported Oils

Make In India

Bella Vita Luxury offers a curated gift set of our best selling perfumes - For Him & Her. A set of 4 miniatures, arousing your olfactive experience right from sweet floral through to Oriental Woody and freshly rejuvenating - aquatic notes, for all moods to be tried and loved.

A compilation of White OUD, Honey OUD, Skai & Fresh; why compromise when you can have all 4, easy to pop in your handbag at all times!

As we are in the process of upgrading our gift sets, you may receive our new Bella Vita Luxury Perfume Gift Set for Men and Woman. This set contains: 

SKAI Aquatic, FRESH, WHITE Oud and Honey Oud. Be limitless with SKAI Aquatic and feel fresh all day long with FRESH. Keep calm and carry on with White Oud and show your sweet side with Honey Oud

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Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
Luxury Unisex Perfume Gift Set - 4 x 20mls
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- IFRA-certified and Safe to Use on Skin
- Long-lasting
- Made with Imported Oils


Spray the perfume on your pulse points such as sides of the neck and wrists for all day freshness.



    Used to impart a sweet and nutty aroma to the fragrance. It adds a warm and comforting quality to perfume composition.

    It serves as a vibrant note, adding a zesty and invigorating quality to the fragrance.

    It brings a warm and delectable quality to the fragrance, evoking feelings of comfort and sweetness.

    It offers a fresh and invigorating scent that provides an immediate burst of vitality and freshness to the fragrance.


We’ve all had the experience of seeing ads that promise the world, bought it, and realised it wasn’t quite as advertised. That's no good. We at BELLAVITA take a different approach before launching any perfume:

In-Depth Consumer Research: Each of our perfumes is backed by hundreds of days of comprehensive consumer research, tailoring scents to meet the genuine needs and preferences of the Indian consumer while keeping in mind the Indian climate.

Superior Ingredients: We source our premium ingredients from France, Spain, and Italy, known world-over for their quality and uniqueness in fragrance.

Proven Longevity: Our perfumes are designed to last, offering 8 to 10 hours of enduring scent, ensuring you stay fresh throughout the day.

IFRA Certification: Commitment to safety and quality is paramount and so all our perfumes are IFRA-certified, meeting rigorous international standards, making them to safe to use on skin.

Still not convinced? If you’re still not sure of what you are looking for, you can try our perfume trial pack, which offers you the chance to try out our 10 perfumes at just 349!


Are perfumes good for skin?
Yes, Bella Vita Perfumes are 100% safe for your skin.

Are perfume gift sets suitable for any occasion?

Yes, perfume gift sets are versatile and can be suitable for various occasions. They make excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or as a special token of appreciation. Perfume gift sets can also be a great choice for someone who is exploring new scents or for those who enjoy pampering themselves with fragrant body care products.

How long does a perfume last?

Our perfumes normally last up to 8 hours.Fortunately, our perfumes are specifically formulated for the Indian climate, you won't experience any long-lasting problems.

Do our perfumes contain Alcohol?

"No" is the short answer to it.Alcohol used in perfumes is different from alcohol consumed directly.Perfumer's alcohol is the name given to the alcohol used in perfumes.It cannot be purchased at liquor stores and is not intended for consumption.Therefore, we are free to apply! Use freely and keep your perfume on you.

Are Perfumes made in India?

Yes,Our Perfumes are made in India .We imported perfume oils from france and bottled in India

Are Perfume gift sets travel friendly?

Yes,perfume gift sets are travel friendly as the sized versions of the perfume bottle, making them convenient for travel purposes. These smaller sizes comply with airline regulations and can easily fit into toiletry bags or carry-on luggage.

How should I keep/store my Perfume?

Yes, it does matter where you keep your perfume. It is advisable to keep scent out of direct sunlight and extremely hot or cold temperatures. This keeps the fragrance's quality intact and increases its shelf life.

How can I make my Perfume Last Longer ?

When you moisturise your skin before applying perfume, the perfume's scent lasts longer and smells better overall.On very dry skin, perfume often evaporates quickly. Instead, attempt misting it over a thin layer of unscented body lotion or a dab of petroleum jelly. These moisturisers not only keep your skin supple and silky, but they also provide a surface for the perfume oils to attach to, extending the duration of your aroma.


MRP ₹849.00 inclusive of all taxes

Marketed By: Bella Vita Luxury
417, First Floor, Udyog Vihar Phase 3, Sector 20, Gurugram, 122008 Haryana, India

Manufactured By: Stella Industries Limited
Old Khandsa Road, Sector-37, HSIIDC, Gurugram-122001, Haryana, India

Country of Origin: India


Customer Reviews

Based on 337 reviews
Amit s.

This luxurious set of perfume is amazing. It includes four different fragrances which is long lasting and fabulous also. Best for gifting option too.


I use it everyday and it's so good and feels really refreshed after every use and it stays for long.


Nice perfume, long lasting specially white oud and fresh, aquatic has citrus fragrance that is also pretty good, honey oud unisex specially for women, overall good package value for money product.

Ayush C.
Very Effective

Its smell is very good . I like this products .

Bellavita super 🥰

The best perfume ever for me, especially white oud and honey oud..its wow...
But gift not delivered