Bella Cash Wallet

Bella Vita Organic started with a simple objective of #SimplifyingSelfCare, from being a brand that started as one person’s vision to introducing as many as possible to the Organic & Ayurvedic goodness to becoming a household name that we are today. The one thing that remained a constant in this journey has been ‘YOU’.To thank ‘YOU’ for being a part of this journey with us through all our ups and downs, highs and lows, the good and the best, we want to introduce you to our token of gratitude for all the love and admiration that ‘YOU’ have shown over these years towards us.Introducing BellaCash - A one-stop loyalty/rewards solution to rewarding ‘YOU’ who have shown their unwavering support for us.


How to become a member of Bella Cash?

Bella Cash membership has three tiers. One can become a Bronze Member just by creating an account on

In order to further advance into the tiers, the user has to be a regular consumer with a total spend on our website of Rs.1,500 for Silver Membership & Rs.2,500 for Gold Membership.

How to create an account?

You can create an account from the Login page.

What do I get on my Birthday?

You get credits worth Rs.200 which you can use to buy any product at

How do I get cashback?

Bronze Membership: 

On every purchase at you get 10% cashback of your net purchase value.

Silver Membership:

On every purchase at you get 15% cashback of your net purchase value.

Gold Membership:

On every purchase at you get 20% cashback of your net purchase value.

How do I Redeem my cashback?

You can redeem cashback on your transactions on the website. You can redeem a maximum of 15% of the order value from your cashback. Ex: if you have Rs.100 in your Bella Cash Wallet, and you are placing an order for Rs.500, then you can redeem Rs.75 from you wallet which is 15% of your order value.

How to check my cashback balance?

You can always login to and check your balance.

Can I change my Personal details?

It's very easy to update your personal details from the My Account section on