Bella Cash Wallet

At Bella Vita Organic, we value our customers. Thus we introduce our exclusive loyalty program, BellaCash, a convenient rewards program that allows our customers to earn and redeem rewards for their purchases. BellaCash is a way for Bella Vita to express gratitude for their customer's loyalty.

Bellacash (Rewards) Policy

  1. Any cashback earned till 31st of December will get expired.
  2. Expiry in 90 days: Cashback earned expires in 90 days to encourage timely usage.
  3. Earn 10% cashback: Get 10% cashback on every order, boosting savings.
  4. Redeem 99%: Redeem 99% of cashback balance only on App.
  5. No sign-up cashback: Program focuses on earning through purchases, no sign-up bonuses offered.