PapyBlem 85g Pigmentation Blemish Cream Gel For Skin Brightening with Papaya & Saffron
Sun exposure can cause a lot more damage to the skin than tanning or a sunburn. Extreme sun exposure can cause pigmentation, inflammation, and blemishes as well. The color of our skin, eyes, hair, etc depends on the melanin production...
Rs. 499 Rs. 275
Pigmentation & Blemish Removal Combo, (C Glow + PapyBlem + Ubtan Plus)
C-Glow Face Wash to treat acne, remove tan, and deep clean the face.Papy Blem Face Gel Cream Gel for improving complexion, repairing skin, and fighting blemish & pigmentation. Ubtan Plus Face Glow Pack to removes tan & soothes dull skin....
Rs. 1,397 Rs. 649
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