Perfect Diwali Gifts for your Family and Relatives

Perfect Diwali Gifts for your Family and Relatives

What is Diwali & why do we celebrate it?

Diwali: Festival of Lights

Diwali or Deepawali, is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. The festival gets its name from the ritual of lighting clay lamps (deepa) outside our homes to symbolise the inner light that protects us from the spiritual darkness. It is celebrated enthusiastically by Hindus, with good over evil as the main theme, as we light up our homes to celebrate the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama, and his triumphant return home. 

Over the centuries, Diwali has become a national festival that’s also enjoyed by non-hindus. For Indians, it is linked to the home-coming of the ancient legend Lord Rama, who was deprived of his kingdom and sent into exile for 14 years. 

But along with all the beliefs, Diwali is largely marked as the occasion of exchanging gifts and sweets amongst friends, family and colleagues. Kids are always excited to celebrate as they receive new clothes, Diwali gifts and burn crackers. Family members gather and pray for the well being and prosperity of each other to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha through special offerings. 

The usual tradition is the gifting of sweets, dry fruits, cookies or juices to family and friends. This Diwali, why not try something different in the same budget? 

Since Diwali is around the corner, why not gift your friends and family the Bella Vita perfumes starting at just Rs. 500! Bella Vita offers you a wide range of options to select from perfume gift sets for women to perfume gift sets for men, special Diwali Gift hampers for the entire family, the Unisex perfume gift box, suitable for corporate gifting and many more. 

Gift a Perfume this Diwali 

Want to gift something super long lasting, luxurious and different this Diwali? Worry no more as Bella Vita is just here to your rescue! Go ahead by gifting the best perfumes for men and women by Bella Vita. This Diwali, go ahead by gifting luxury perfume sets to your friends and family.  Choose from the bucket friendly luxury gifts for Men, perfume combos for Women as well as gift sets for men, women and the unisex gift hampers for the entire family. 

Worried about exceeding your Budget? Well, you get the Perfumes starting under Rs 500. Can you imagine?  All this just at the click of a button and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep. Come let’s share some Diwali gift ideas for friends and family.

Tips for Choosing the right Diwali Gift for your Friends, family and employees

This Diwali, getting ready will be incomplete without a Bella Vita Perfume. As they say,  you’re not fully dressed till you’re wearing a perfume that compliments you and your personality! Make your relatives feel special by gifting them something that they will actually use and love, and use for a longer duration, wherever they go! 

  • Perfume Gift Sets for family next door:

If you are gifting to someone in your neighbourhood, then The Bella Vita Unisex Gift Set box is your easiest pick to gift this Diwali. The entire family can enjoy spraying on perfumes of their choice, with 4 mini perfumes to choose from. To gift something that everyone aligns with, go ahead with Bella Vita Unisex gift set. It consists of four unisex fragrances which can be worn by anyone in the house.

 The Fragrances can be worn by anyone and are suitable for different events. This gift box will act as the perfect combo as gifts for women and the best Diwali gift for men. The Patchouli is a perfect fragrance for an evening event or a party. Fresh by Bella Vita is the fragrance you need just after the gym or your morning walk. SKAI keeps you calm and refreshed at work while White Oud is perfect for a daily day fragrance. 

  • Perfume Combos for your friends:

Gifting your friends living next door? Then my friend, Bella Vita perfumes for Men and women is something they will absolutely love! Bestsellers men perfumes like - Klub Man, CEO Man and G.O.A.T Man along with the women best sellers like - Date, Honey oud, Glam & Diva are going to become their absolute favourites. 

Don’t know their perfume taste? Don’t worry at all since, Bella Vita offers just the right  perfume gift hampers as well! It has four miniatures of our best seller men and women perfumes. 

A perfect Diwali gift combo for all the occasions! CEO Man, the fragrance resonating with success and passion, perfect for office wear. Impact Man for making the right first impression on a date along with Dominus, perfect to wear at parties and get-togethers. 

While in the women's gift set CEO women is the right fit for office wear, Glam is your bestie for a perfect date. For shopping with friends Rose is the one you need and for daily wear mild fragrance, Honey oud is something you can’t go without. 

  • Gifting ideas to impress the Ladies:

 Worried about what to gift your niece or cousins? Surprise her with something she is not expecting this Diwali. Gift her The Bella Vita Perfume Gift Set for Women and let her vibe with the best fragrances wherever she goes! 

The perfume combo comprises four best seller women miniatures, wherein every bottle is perfect for a different occasion. Spray on CEO women for the boss babe vibe. 

For the perfect date night, dazzle with GLAM women. For a mild day-wear,  you can never go wrong with the Honey Oud. Heading out for brunch with friends, the look can’t be complete without Rose women! 

  • Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees: 

Looking for a unique Gift for your co-workers and want to maintain your repo? Don’t stress by thinking of burning a hole in your pocket. Just buy a few Bella Vita Unisex Gift sets and let them choose what suits them. 

This Diwali, be the best gifter in the office by giving them the best Luxury perfumes in the market. Buy the Perfume gift set for men and the perfume gift set for women and make everyone go gaga over the luxury perfumes. 

Perfumes make you smell amazingly good. They say Goddess Lakshmi resides in the best aromatic places and that becomes more evident as she herself resides in a lotus flower.

So why not impress her with the best luxury perfume fragrances this Diwali? Get Bella Vita perfumes as the best luxury gifts for Diwali, perfect for your family and friends. Elevate your presence wherever you go, leaving a long lasting impression. Bella Vita Perfumes offer you that perfect combo at a very affordable price. 

This Diwali, don’t compromise on the quality of gifts by worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. Buy the Bella Vita perfumes as a Diwali gift set for your neighbours, friends and family starting just under ₹500.

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