Perfect Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

Perfect Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

Fought over something silly and don’t know how to get your girl to smile again? Or is your Mom’s birthday around the corner and you want to give her something special? Is it your anniversary and you want to wow your wife with the best gift ever? Even though there are so many gifting options for women, giving unique birthday gifts for her can be a bit confusing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with the best gift for women under 1000 rupees!

Fragrances and perfumes have the amazing ability to get registered in our memory, perfect to create unforgettable memories and moments. With the right fragrance, you can make your way into any woman’s heart as everytime she will smell that particular scent, she will think of you. 

But don’t just give any perfume to the women in your life. You need to choose a perfume that suits her personality, makes her smell amazing and has notes of her choice. BELLAVITA offers the best luxury perfume collection to surprise your girl so that she can smell amazing wherever she goes, making them perfect gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. Don’t worry, gifting her these luxury perfumes is not going to cost you an arm or a leg. You can give the best gift for girlfriend under 500 rupees. Can you believe it?

Come, we’ll help you choose the best gift perfume for mom, girlfriend and other women in your life.

Best Collection of Perfumes for Women: 

BELLAVITA women perfumes are available in different sizes, a 100 ml and a pocket friendly 20ml bottle, so that she can carry the gift given by you wherever she goes, and remember you at the same time. These perfumes are made from imported fragrance oils exported from Spain, France and Italy. You can also gift her a perfume hamper or perfume gift set for women, which contains four mini best sellers for women. Check our new collection of perfume which will help you to select the best gift for women in your life. 

Date Woman Perfume: 

 Date Woman Eau De Parfum by BELLAVITA is a celebration of love and romance. This is the best gift for girlfriend under 500 rupees that you give. It’s a mesmerising fragrance that is perfect to turn up the romance. You can gift this perfume to her on her birthday or date night! It’s also a great gift for women  to make her feel more loved and valued. 


Date Perfume for Women

Date Woman is a floral and fruity blend of pink pepper and red fruits at the top, with a trio of jasmine, orange blossom and violet at the heart, complemented by moss, musk and sweetness of vanilla at the base to create unforgettable moments. 

CEO Woman Perfume: 

Is your mother the Boss woman you look up to? The perfect multitasker, who is upbeat all the time, be it at home or her work place. Gift your mother and let her embrace her super women personality with CEO Women. 


CEO Perfume for Women

The scent of success, CEO Woman Eau De Parfum is a captivating fragrance that not only makes you the talk of the town but also will give your mother or any other boss woman the boost of confidence needed to seize the day. This perfume has a hint of musk and earthy notes of leather, tonka and vanilla, making this fragrance irresistibly powerful. Its beautiful aroma lasts all day, making your mother, wife, girlfriend, best friend and every other woman feel fresh and spirited. So, go and select the best gift for women at affordable price.

GLAM Woman:

Is your girlfriend a real head turner, attracting all the attention as she walks into a room?  Then you need to give her GLAM Woman Eau De Parfum, a perfect fit for her beautiful personality. She carries herself with grace, confidence along with a hint of bold attitude. 

Glam Perfume for Women

A floral scent with jasmine at its heart, GLAM Woman is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift to make your woman feel her most attractive self. 


Are you tired of being friend-zoned by the love of your life? Are you friends with this girl and want to propose to her? Then my friend, add a bottle of Senorita perfume to your proposal ring or gift while making the big move. Impress your girl-to-be with the floral and fruity blend of Senorita Woman. 


Senorita Perfume for Women

Also, this perfume is the perfect gift for women under 500 rupees! What makes this fragrance perfect is the yuzu, pomegranate and mint at the top blended with peony, lotus and magnolia at its heart, along with musk, mahogany and amber at the base. 

Rose Woman:

If your girlfriend is the one who loves flowers, then don’t give her a bouquet of roses because bouquets don’t last! Give her Rose, a perfect blend of sweet and feminine energy. Make her favourite smell of roses a scent she can wear all the time with Rose Woman Eau De Parfum. 

Rose Perfume for Women


What makes Rose Woman a first choice for your girlfriend or the best birthday gift for wife, is the blend of bergamot, black currant and orris at the top, clubbed with jasmine, caramel and lily at the heart, making it exquisite and strong. The fragrance continues to linger with the base notes of vanilla, musk and patchouli. 

Tips to choose the right perfume for women:

Choosing the right perfume gift can be tricky but it is not impossible. Think personality, occasions when she can wear the perfume and of course her personal preferences. That should help you decide the perfect gift for her. 

Find out her favourite fragrance family: Does she love floral, fruity, woody, fresh or oriental fragrances? Knowing about these broad fragrance categories will help you choose a scent that she likes. 

Think about the occasion: Are you gifting her a perfume she can wear to work? Or a party? Fresh fragrances like SKAI Aquatic Unisex Perfume  by BELLAVITA are perfect for the day whereas GLAM Women or DATE Women are better for parties and formal events.

Test before you buy: Get the BELLAVITA Pocket Perfume Trial Pack and try out some of our best selling fragrances. Then, choose the perfume that you think she would like!

Visit a perfume store: Visit our  perfume store, spray perfume on yourself and walk around for some time. Test how the perfume smells a few hours later before you decide to buy. You can even go home and order the perfume of your choice online. 

Lastly, trust yourself! Whether it’s your mom, girlfriend, wife or best friend, a perfume is a gesture of your love for them so don’t overthink  it! You can always gift them what you think they’ll love. 

And if you’re still confused about which perfumes she would love the most, give her the Luxury Perfume Gift Set for Women, a collection of 4 mini best selling perfumes gift for women. So guys, don’t look any further because BELLAVITA has the best collection of luxury perfumes that smell great and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

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