Ubtan Plus Face Pack

Ubtan Plus Face Pack

Rs. 349

Ubtan Plus Face Pack
Ubtan Plus Face Pack
Ubtan Plus Face Pack
Ubtan Plus Face Pack
Ubtan Plus Face Pack
Ubtan Plus Face Pack
Ubtan Plus Face Pack
Ubtan Plus Face Pack
Ubtan Plus Face Pack
Clarifying, Smoothening & Hydrating
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Pack up your million products and make space for the Bella Vita Organic Ubtan Plus Face Pack! Packed with Ayurveda inspired blends created with natural ingredients, this face pack is your clear answer to complete skin restoration. Turmeric is known to stimulate blood circulation that improves overall skin health while reducing dark spots and evening out your skin tone. The power ingredient that is Rose Flower Extract retains moisture in your skin making it smoother and softer. Oatmeal is the perfect ingredient to soothe & calm inflammations, redness and itching. Sandalwood is a powerful antioxidant that retains skin moisture & improves skin’s elasticity. In just a few uses, the Ubtan Plus Face pack will reveal clearer, smoother skin.

Key Benefits:

  • Clarifies Skin
  • Smoothens & brightens complexion
  • Keeps skin hydrated

Note: Always do a patch test before using the product.
Bella Vita Organic products are created using natural products so their colour and fragrance may vary over time but will not affect the efficacy of the product.

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Care Instructions

How To Use?
Step 1 Take a generous amount and apply it evenly on the face & neck with the applicator that comes with it
Step 2 Leave for 10-15 minutes.
Step 3 Gently massage In circular motion as you wash off with normal water & pat dry
What We Put In?
TURMERIC Has powerful medicinal properties, reduces dark spots & gives a glowing complexion
ROSE FLOWER EXTRACT Retains skin’s moisture, makes it smoother & brighter
OATMEAL Soothes & calms inflammations, redness & itchy skin
SANDALWOOD Retains skins moisture, is an antioxidant & improves skin’s elasticity
How often should I use this pack?
Our recommendation is to use the face pack 2-3 times a week for best results.

Face packs make my skin feel tight, what should I do to change that?
The Ubtan Plus Face Pack is enriched with products that retain the moisture in your skin. Should your skin still feel tight, follow up with Glowtion for extra hydration!

Is this suitable for sensitive skin?
Given its natural base, this face pack is suitable for all skin types. Having said that, a patch test is always recommended. Should there be any irritation after use, please wash immediately.

Is this product Unisex?
Yes, this product is unisex.

Is this a natural product?
Yes this is a natural product.