Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm

Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm


Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
Tinty - Choco Brown ,8gm
3 in 1 Lip Cheek & Eye Tint
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Tinty is a multitasking product that belongs in the centre of your makeup kit! This 3 in 1 favourite is created with a blend of natural ingredients that have intense soothing and moisturising properties giving you plush, plumper and pinker lips, eyes and cheeks! A triple delivery formula, Tinty is free of harmful chemicals and lends a sheer tint to your eyes, lips and cheeks. It’s a highly buildable & blendable product with a natural colour pay off in 8 delectable flavours, all of which are enriched with the goodness of a natural butter blend and Vitamin E. Vitamin E, known for it’s restorative skin properties, keeps your lips healthy and protects them from harmful UV rays.


  • Sheer, natural colour pay-off
  • 3-in-1 multi-use product
  • Non-sticky formula
  • Moisturises & nourishes lips
  • Prevents chapping
  • Made with natural ingredients

Note: Always do a patch test before using the product.
Bella Vita Organic products are created using natural products so their colour and fragrance may vary over time but will not affect the efficacy of the product.

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    Care Instructions

    How To Use?
    Step 1 Prep your face with usual skincare to make sure the product blends well
    Step 2 Dab the right amount on your lips, cheeks, and eyelids.
    Step 3 Blend evenly using a finger tip or applicator.
    What We Put In?
    COCOA BUTTER Creates a protective, moisturising layer and protects your skin and lips from extreme temperatures and dryness
    VITAMIN E Boosts circulation and also helps keep the skin soft and smooth.
    Performance (As voted by our Customers)
    Can I use this on my cheek also?
    Yes. The Tinty-Choco Brown can be used on your cheeks to add a pop of colour to your face.

    What is the texture of this product?
    It has a smooth creamy texture and blends with ease on the skin.

    Is this a natural product?
    Yes. This is a natural product.

    How long does this last?
    Enriched with the goodness of natural butter along with plant-based pigments, Tinty keeps lips, cheeks and eyelids intensely hydrated and lasts longer than usual.

    Does it help in nourishing dry/chapped lips?
    Tinty is an Ayurvedic formulation that is infused with the goodness of 100% natural ingredients. Along with adding a natural-looking colour to your lips, it also helps in keeping them moisturised, nourished, and protected all day long.
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