Features Bella Vita Organic De-tan Face Brightening Pack Features Bella Vita Organic De-tan Face Brightening Pack, an online review platform, has reviewed the Bella Vita Organic DeTan Face Brightening Pack and the reviewers find that the pack is an excellent natural detan formula that removes the dead skin and tanning without the use of any harmful chemicals on the skin. It further states that the pack is efficient in removing impurities and repairs the dull skin. It calms inflamed skin and helps in removing blemishes and acne.

Bella Vita Organic Detan Face Brightening Pack - 85 gm

The ingredients of the pack include ayurvedic herbs, clays, natural oils, butter, lemon, and Vitamin C which makes the pack completely natural and can be applied on all skin types. One magic ingredient in the pack is kaolin which deep cleans the pores of the skin and eliminates impurities leaving the skin fresh and bright.

The pack also contains camphor which contains antifungal and antibacterial properties and helps in preventing skin infections. It also evens the skin tone. The pack has a soothing and cooling effect due to the presence of basil, neem, and aloe vera in it. Unlike several face packs, Bella Vita Organic’s Detan Face Brightening Pack does not contain parabens, harsh detergents, sulphates, and other harsh chemicals that cause unseen damage to your skin which is reflected at an older age. The pack by Bella Vita Organic is cruelty-free face and hence is safe for everyone. The face pack must be applied to the face and neck for 15 minutes twice every week. Add Bella Vita Organic to your lifestyle to get good skin naturally.

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