Bella Vita Organic Launches Essential Oils Range

Bella Vita Organic Launches Essential Oils Range

Bella Vita Organic's Pure Essential oils are the need of the hour! Right from boosting one's mood to the environment to their skin, Essential oils are everywhere, especially in the world of Ayurveda. Holding ourselves tall as a natural and ayurvedic brand, we wanted our consumers to experience authentic and pure essential oils. Essential oils not only help to solve beauty concerns, but also provide a calming and peaceful environment around you. They promote sound sleep by relaxing the mind.

Also used in aromatherapy and massages, Essential Oils are the perfect partners to get into a zen mode. Not to forget, essential oils can be combined with any skin and hair care product to combat multiple beauty concerns like acne, blemishes, marks & spots, excess oil production, rashes, inflammation, hair fall, and many more. Essential oils like Lavender also help reduce period cramps along with foul mood during the menstrual cycle.

Ancient Ayurveda has been the answer to numerous human concerns starting right from the brain. The herbal healing powers of Ayurveda can do wonders for our health. Building on that Bella Vita Organic brings to you nine pure essential oils made right from natural plant and flower extracts available at pocket-friendly prices. The majority of our products are a result of customer demands and soon after launching our set of Aroma Candles, we started receiving requests to bring in essential oils.

Although a lot of our products are a blend of multiple essential oils, we needed something more to give to our audiences, hence the launch of our essential oil series. The series has an oil for every liking, from floral or plant-based oils to strong or mild oils, we have something for everyone and every need. Indulge in these essential oils for a happy, peaceful, and Ayurveda-inspired life.

Here is a Quick list of all Essential Oils by Bella Vita Organic:

Basil Pure Essential Oil View Product
Eucalyptus Essential Oil View Product
Lavender Essential Oil View Product
Lemongrass Essential Oil View Product
Neroli Essential Oil View Product
Orange Essential Oil View Product
Peppermint Essential Oil View Product
Tea Tree Essential Oil View Product
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil  View Product

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