Lifestyle Asia Features Celeb Shine Body Luminizer Skin Gloss Lotion by Bella Vita Organic

Lifestyle Asia Features Celeb Shine Body Luminizer Skin Gloss Lotion by Bella Vita Organic

Lifestyle Asia, a leading lifestyle portal featured Bella Vita Organic in its article on “Ayurvedic Products that are Perfect for Millennials”. Online platforms are flooded with brands that claim to offer ayurvedic products that can help the skin, hair or other problems that millennials face. But several times the claims are bogus and with no natural healing properties to cure problems of acne, blemishes, dull tanned skin, etc. Hence, the article specifically mentions brands that offer authentic and certified ayurvedic products for skin, hair, and body.

The article mentions that Bella Vita Organic is an affordable Ayurvedic label that has a wide range of truly noteworthy products that provide a perfect option to those looking for effectiveness in a pocket-friendly budget. The highlight of the article remains around the focus that the products by Bella Vita Organic are the “most unusual and unique formulas” amongst the many available in the market.

The key product that stole the limelight was the CelebShine Body Luminizer by Bella Vita Organic which works as a glossy highlighter giving luster and shine to your skin. The body illuminating lotion contains natural shea and mango butter along with coconut and almond oil, thereby keeping your skin hydrated and nourished.

Other important ayurvedic products mentioned in the article included rose water, organic Moringa oil, turmeric powder, and hydrating face oils. The article interestingly outlines how ayurvedic creations are rich products with high natural content that organically solve your problems, thereby traditionally meeting modern needs. The article is an interesting read for those wanting to check the best ayurvedic labels in the market.

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