Bella Vita Organic Launches Gift Cards

Bella Vita Organic Launches Gift Cards

To Make Celebrations Memorable in the Covid-Era and Otherwise, Bella Vita Organic Launches its Gift Card Range Starting from Rs. 501

Owing to the sudden changes in lifestyle patterns due to the second wave of Covid-19 celebrations have become more of a virtual event. This diminishes the prospect of sharing love and care in the form of meaningful gifts in person. But with the Bella Vita Organic Gift Cards, anyone can now gift a token of natural and ayurvedic products to their loved ones. Additionally, those organizations that provide gift cards to their employees to show appreciation, can now take an organic and herbal path through Bella Vita Organic’s gift cards, thereby also promoting the ideology of sustainable living.

Speaking on the launch of these tokens of gift cards, Aakash Anand, Founder, Bella Vita Organic, said, “Gift cards are an upcoming trend, and several people today opt to provide gift cards rather than sending gifts that may or may not be helpful to the one receiving it. However, gift cards ensure that the receiver of the card can buy anything of their choice from the brand. This also adds value and thought to one’s gift which makes it priceless.”

The Bella Vita Organic Gift Cards are available in several categories such as

  1. Anniversary Gift Cards
  2. Birthday Gift Cards
  3. Congratulate Gift Cards
  4. Thanking Gift Cards 

You can choose from a variety of price ranges starting from Rs. 501 up to Rs. 2,100. You can also club two or more gift cards together based on your will and budget.

Corporates can add these to their Gift vouchers or Bonus points schemes to uplift their employee's morale and show a sense of appreciation towards their hard work and dedication. It has been proven that small tokens of appreciation can help an individual to feel motivated to do better at work, which in the long run proves highly beneficial for organizations.

The gift cards can be used to avail any product from the wide and all-natural range of Bella Vita Organic’s skin, hair, and wellness creations. The gift card’s amount works as a cash amount and in case the order exceeds the gift card amount, the buyer can continue buying it by paying for the balance amount himself. The products by Bella Vita organic come with no chemical or harmful ingredients which are affordable and highly effective. Hence, the gift cards will help your loved ones to buy something that adds value to their lives.

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