Read This To Save Our Oceans

Read This To Save Our Oceans

We’d Like to start with a simple statement: –

“More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year”

approx. 30% of which comes from cosmetic and skin care products.

Join us in the movement of protecting our planet by following these simple tips. A small step by each of us would lead to a big step towards protection of our Oceans, Marine Life & Mother Earth.

Opt For Non Plastic or Glass Packaging 

There are quite a few brands that care more about the environment and are using alternative packaging materials as to plastic bottles and containers. We for example use recycled glass jars for most of the natural skin care products made by Bella Vita Organic.

Always try and dispose off your plastic waste into recyclable municipality Bins which will then further send it to recycling plants and help in protecting the environment.

Many companies are now opting for box free packaging. We at Bella Vita Organic use re-usable jute pouches to pack our products instead of the traditional paper box.

Use Wooden Mixing Bowls For Face Packs rather than the plastic ones

There are numerous available options online to buy a wooden face pack mixing bowl and spatula applicator as compared to a plastic brush. These are nature friendly and also do not react with you products like plastic does.

Opt For Soap Bars

Yes, they are still the most widely used and the most effective. Opt for soap bars as effective body cleansers as an alternative to your plastic bottle packaged body wash.

Help us in our movement to protect our oceans and save mother Earth. You can also support various charities just like we do.

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