Essential Men’s Hair Care Tips That Are Worth Considering

Essential Men's Hair Care Tips That Are Worth Considering

Our hair like our skin requires regular maintenance. Dust, exposure to sunlight, sweat and hard water are few of the many reasons for most hair concerns. The very common such hair problems in men are dandruff and hair fall.

Especially during winters, the scalp becomes dry and in summers it becomes oily due to sweat. Dryness, dirt and sweat are the important reasons behind dandruff. These solutions can be made by yourself from simple products available with us. Natural products do no harm to the hair and have no side effects.

Argan Oil For Sun Protection

Using argan oil everyday acts as a shield to protect from heat. Few drops of Argan oil can be used on hair before going out. It can be used for blow drying too. Hair looks glossy and shining with just 1-2 drops of Argan oil. The fragrance also refreshes you.

Argan Oil For Sun Protection

Aloe Vera Hair Mask

A Do-It-Yourself aloe vera hair mask with easy ingredients is the most effective solution for dry and itchy scalp. This process is quick and easy. The ingredients include aloe vera, coconut oil, almond oil, tea tree essential oil, lemon and rosemary essential oils. These ingredients must be mixed well and stored in dark glass bottles. This gives natural shine and also promotes healthy hair growth.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask

Leave-in Hair Conditioner

Men will prefer their hair to be thick and bouncy for styling it better. This leave-in hair conditioner stimulates hair growth and gives a smooth feel. This can be made with ingredients including Shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, horsetail oil, vitamin E oil and hazel hydrosol which is optional. The leave-in hair conditioner can be used after using an organic shampoo.

Leave-in Hair Serum

This hair serum uses argan, grapeseed, almond cedarwood oil gives added shine. You need not wash after application as it nourishes your hair. It is effective for styling your hair because this serum is non-greasy.

Rosemary Hair Mask

This is made with Rosemary leaves, tea tree and lemongrass essential oil. This can be sprayed on the scalp and hair to prevent oily hair. Hence, this can avoid dirt in hair for healthy hair.

Organic Hair Spa Cream Masque

This is an organic product available on Bella Vita. This hydrates dry/normal scalp and gives natural volume to your hair. You can buy this product from here

For most hair problems, there are natural and organic remedies available online on Bella Vita Organic.

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