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How To Pick The Right Perfume

Before we start scrolling through those beautiful crystal bottles of perfumes, we need to be well prepared. A good scent is so much more than just a tool to keep our body odour away. From scrolling through memories of our childhood to running through our rebellious adolescence and adulthood, our favourite fragrance lets us connect with everything. The right perfume for us provides warmth and bliss by letting us dive into our past and helps us walk through our nostalgic memory lane. What troubles us the most is finding the perfect match to relate ourselves to our personality and memories. But before finding the perfect match, it's quite crucial to know everything about those top-notch costly perfumes and why we need them. This guide for perfume can help you to know everything, starting from different notes to the perfect way of using them. So, why wait? Let's find it out now


Perfume Notes

Perfumes are generally made with blended essential scented oils, parfum, alcohol, and water. The life cycle of any perfume is three tiers, starting with the top note, moving to the heart note, and settling with the base note. This three-level pyramid signifies each note's duration and effect, as with the passing time, the basic note starts disappearing, and a new note starts coming in! Let's know a bit about it.

Top Note

When we spray a perfume, an initial scent that we smell is known as the 'top note.' This is the lighter fragrance that hits our senses first and lasts for 15 to 120minutes, depending on the perfume's concentration. 

Middle Note

Once the effect of the top note starts fading, we can smell the heart of the perfume. The heart note is the main fragrance of the perfume. You can notice this after 15 to 120 minutes of using the perfume and last for around 4-5 hours.

Base Note

The base note is the last note that lingers around our senses. These notes start coming to the forefront once the heart notes start fading away. It can last up to 12 hours of spraying the perfume


Applying perfume on your underarms and cloth is never enough. When spraying perfume, concentrate on the strategic pulse points on your body that can increase the fragrance's longevity. The crucial pulse points which you always need to focus are the collarbone, inside your elbow and wrists, behind the knees, behind the ear, chest, and torso. The portions that you need to avoid are underarms, near your eyes, and around your genitals. Spray from the distance of 10 to 15 cms and ensure that you don't rub your wrists together as it destroys the scent structure. 


Loving a fragrance is a personal choice. Some people prefer high-end glassy packaging; some follow beauty gurus and some fells in love with the fragrance itself. There are four basic categories of any fragrance- floral, woody, oriental, and fresh. 

Floral fragrance encompasses one or more flowers and is the most common category. The most common fragrance is rose, jasmine, lavender, lilies, and marigold. Fresh includes the fragrance of citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, peach, berries, lemon, etc. It gives a refreshing menthol-cool effect. The oriental fragrance is inspired by incense smells like sandalwood, amber, patchouli, and has an exotic aura.

Woody, as the name suggests, is the heaviest and strongest fragrance. From various oaks and woods to musk, tobacco, and leather, woody scents are among the most common fragrance for men.

Fresh can be used any time, as it awakens you and blows your mind with its refreshing smell. Floral, oriental, and woody scents suit well for office and any special occasions.


Using your signature perfume on the right pulse points can help increase the longevity of your scent. Perfume is an investment, and we need it to last as long as it can. Try following the below-mentioned tips that might help you increase your perfume's longevity and saves a lot of your money.

Apply a thin layer of any unscented lotion or even petroleum jelly on the pulse points and then apply your favorite perfume. The oil in the lotion or jelly traps the scent and helps it to last longer than usual.

Avoid rubbing your skin after spraying your perfume. It breaks down the fragrance faster and stays effective for lesser time. Spray and forget!
Avoid spraying your perfume in front of you and walking through it. Directly spray it on your skin and retain the fragrance for a longer time.

Humidity, heat, and light can breakdown the intensity of your perfume. It is always recommended to store the fragrance in a cool, dark, and dry ambience like vanity, dresser, or closet.

Avoid going into the sunlight directly after wearing perfume. Wait a little longer. Now that you know the basics of perfume, you will be able to find your match soon. You can try Bella Vita Organic Range of Perfumes of all the categories of perfumes. Follow us on our social media handles and do not miss any update related to the latest news, giveaways, and deals.

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