5 Reasons Why Your Lips are Dark, Dry and Chapped!

5 Reasons Why Your Lips are Dark, Dry and Chapped!

We, at Bella Vita Organic, second the fact that it’s not easy to quit smoking. And moreover, dark lips that are additionally dry and chapped are not very appealing. Your habits will take their own sweet time to change. But, can you live 24x7 with dark, pigmented lips until then? Also, what if you don’t have a habit of smoking, and your lips are still changing their color? Well, it’s possible because of these 5 following reasons for dark lips:


Yes, this particular reason spares no one. The skin on your lips tends to lose moisture faster, especially during winters. On the other hand, they undergo a lot of transitions due to climate change, harsh sun rays, and pollution. Dry, cracked lips create dead skin cells, which eventually result in dark lips. And, to cure which Bella Vita Organic brings to you its best product for dark lips - NicoBalm Lip Balm for women, men, and children.

Indeed better than the best dark lips cream out there in the market. To clarify, NicoBalm hydrates and moisturizes the dry lips to restore their softness. Say bye-bye to cracked, dry, and chapped lips over regular use of this dark lips lip balm.


Well, this one is definitely not a surprise. Smoker’s melanosis, darkness on the inner lining of your lips, can hide under dark lipstick shades, but, can never fade away. Of course, until you don’t do something about it. With each puff of nicotine you take, you’re burning the skin of your lips. Consequently, you shall be wearing dark lips again!


Aha, this villain is the most beloved of all. Especially, of women with dark lips. Leaving aside the organic lip care products, but lipsticks are loaded with chemicals which harms the skin on the lips. Also, if you’ve been selfish to keep your expired lipsticks close to your heart (we all are), it’s time to let them go.


Now, you can’t help much with this one. Melasma, which is caused by excessive deposition of melanin, occurs due to exposure of lips to excessive sunlight. It could be a genetic factor too, which, again, you can’t battle against. However, that shouldn’t stop you from wearing lip balms with SPF.


Hot beverages are good for your health, but piping hot beverages prove to be bad for your lips. The hot flavor of coffee can result in dry and dark lips specifically upper dark lip. Gradually, the color of your lips may (actually it will) turn into black. Drink a lot of water every day to reduce the effects of the dark side of caffeine.

How To Lighten Dark Lips?

Getting rid of dark lips is a major feat. Try Bella Vita’s organic NicoLips Lip Balm Scrub, for dry, chapped, and dark lips. Be it your smoking habits, or the sun, or the harsh weather, NicoLips is assured to fight them all and keep your lips soft, pink and supple. Try it to believe it!

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