Roll On Deo - Men (Pack Of 2), 50ml

Roll On Deo - Men (Pack Of 2), 50ml


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Roll On Deo - Men (Pack Of 2), 50ml
Roll On Deo - Men (Pack Of 2), 50ml
Roll On Deo - Men (Pack Of 2), 50ml
Roll On Deo - Men (Pack Of 2), 50ml
Roll On Deo - Men (Pack of 2)
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A blend of natural goodness, the Deowhite Underarm Whitening Natural Roll-On Deodorant For Men is a holy grail addition to your AM self-care regime. Lighten, heal, protect and get rid of odour with just one roll! Deowhite is a long-lasting, sweat-resistant deodorant that fights the bacteria and sweat build-up in your underarms, which, if not addressed, can cause bad body odour, infections and breakouts.

Key Benefits
  • Lightens underarm skin
  • Long-lasting odour protection
  • Alcohol-free

Note: Always do a patch test before using the product.
Bella Vita Organic products are created using natural products so their colour and fragrance may vary over time but will not affect the efficacy of the product.
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Premium Quality
Cruelty Free
Natural Products
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Care Instructions

How To Use?
Step 1 Wash the underarm area with water or wet cloth.
Step2 Remove the cap and roll the tip of Deo White in a clockwise motion.
Step 3 Leave the product on the skin and let it absorb.
What We Put In?
VETIVER OIL It promotes the growth of new skin cells. It removes dead skin cells from the body, and brightens and lightens dark skin
CUCUMBER Prevents skin irritation, helps in hydration and reduces excessive sweating. It also tightens open pores,
CASTOR & COCONUT Fights free radicals, moisturise the skin, soothes sunburns & promotes healthy and bright skin. Coconut prevents fungal and bacterial formation in the underarm area.
Performance (As voted by our Customers)
Is this product long lasting?
This product is designed to last you all day

Will this irritate my skin?
Given its natural base, Deowhite will not irritate your skin. That being said, you should always do a patch test before use.

Will this reduce pigmentation?
Deowhite is enriched with Vetiver, which promotes skin cell regeneration, and removes dead skin cells, all while lightening and brightening the underarm skin.

Is this a natural product?
Yes, Deowhite is a natural product.

Does this product have alcohol?
No, Deowhite doesn?t contain alcohol and will not damage the sensitive underarm skin.