Skin Brightening De-Tan Natural Face & Body Scrub Grit. Ayurvedic Skin Whitening Scrub.
Stay away from dead skin and remove full body tan with the Bella Vita Organic's Skin Brightening De-Tan Ayurveda Face & Body Scrub Grit. It is an amalgamation of walnut grit, coffee powder, coconut oil, mixed herbs and rock salt...
Rs. 399 Rs. 200
Nose Glow Scrub Cream For Black Head Removal, Brightening & Hydration, 20gm
A well-known fact - Blackheads are stubborn, don't you agree? Even if you squeeze these out, they will dishearten you and somehow manage to reappear. And thus, to assist you with the process, Bella Vita Organic brings you NoseGlow Scrub...
Rs. 499 Rs. 250
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