Bella Vita Organic Expands Its Offline Presence

Bella Vita Organic Expands Its Offline Presence

Natural beauty and skincare brand, Bella Vita Organic from the Idam House of Brands, has recently announced its expansion into the offline market. The brand opened up kiosks in Delhi and NCR as a part of its growth strategy to reach a wider audience. 

Bella Vita Organic's Offline Strategy

Bella Vita Organic has primarily been an e-commerce-driven brand since its inception. However, it recognised the importance of offline channels for growth and decided to expand into the offline market. The brand's kiosks will offer a range of natural and organic beauty products, allowing customers to touch and feel the products before making a purchase.

Thе kiosks locatеd at thе Gaur City, Noida and Pacific Mall, Tagorе Gardеns will offеr a widе portfolio of skin & hair carе products from thе brand. Additionally, thе kiosks will also house pеrfumеs from Bеlla Vita Luxury. 

Future Plans

The brand plans to further expand its offline presence by opening more kiosks in different cities across India. It also aims to collaborate with retail stores and supermarkets to make its products easily accessible to customers. 

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