Top 4 Best Perfumes for Men under 500 - Fresh Scent, Seductive Notes

Top 5 Best Perfumes for Men under Rs 500

When it comes to perfumes, we all have a type & one that we don’t mess with. Well, our sentiments go beyond the scent we identify ourselves with. Whether you are looking for a signature scent or some go-to one, finding that perfect fragrance isn’t easy. The right kind of fragrance should be classic, timeless, and relevant to your personality. And at Bella Vita Organic we house a range of best perfumes for men that are under Rs 500 bucks which won’t hurt your pocket at all. Indulge yourself in these luxurious scents for me & find the perfect one for you. Well, wait, at the end of the list of the 5 best perfumes for men, we have a surprise for you. Keep reading, you peeps!


Sitting in the boardroom, show them who’s the boss with Bella Vita Organic's CEO perfume for Men. The office environment demands an airy scent that has light smelling, preferably citrus, or floral. CEO Man has a combination of subtly strong and lasting notes of Blackcurrant, Moroccan Jasmine, Patchouli, Vanilla, and more. The refreshing fragrance is perfect for everyday office wear! This addictive, sensual perfume gives an intriguing and enveloping earthy fragrance and keeps you fresh for 6 to 8 hours.

P.S. the woody freshness keeps up with the guy on the go!


Shop CEO Men Perfume - 100 ml @ Rs 499


It's always a great idea to let the season guide your scent bouquet. And if you love to experiment with your fragrance, Bella Vita Organic’s IMPACT perfume is surely your type as it’s packed in a classy bottle with a sense of adventure. A complex fragrance with a spritz of blackcurrant, pineapple, Jasmine, Roses, Musk, a dash of vanilla as its notes, makes Impact the finest EDC perfumes for a dashing gentleman. Yes, pick your bottle today and get ready to unleash your adventurer within you!

Shop Impact Men EDC Perfume - 100 ml @ Rs 499


Did you just say you’re looking for a men’s perfume under RS 500 bucks? Well, Dominus is an irresistible blend of woody and sensuality with a touch of a masculine edge. The intense & rich warm notes of orange blossom, red berries, Jasmine, sandalwood & musk give the perfume an earthy appeal. Oh, boy, wear it for your office meeting or to charm your woman on a dreamy dinner date with its alluring fragrance. The long-lasting with a lingering effect surely deserves a space in your signature scents!

Shop Dominus EDP Strong Perfume for Men - 100 ml @ Rs 499


A perfume that lives up to its name- Bella Vita Organic’s Fresh Perfume. A perfect concoction to uplift your sultry mood, it has a lasting fragrance that will beat all your summer blues. Fresh creates a captivating and long-lasting scent with notes of grapefruit, mandarin orange, and spicy floral accord of Jasmine, patchouli that makes it smell like a refreshing cocktail on the beach. Also, this fragrance is suited for both men and women, so get ready and smell fresh with the best perfume to beat the summer heat!

Shop Fresh Unisex Perfume For Men & Women - 100 ml @ Rs 499

And as promised, here’s the surprise!

Luxury Perfumes Gift Set for Men

Every guy wants to own a classy perfume that he can use when he’s stepping out for a special occasion- an interview or a date. And if you haven’t decided one, Bella Vita Organic has a set of luxury perfumes that will make you droll over. You get a set of 6 exclusive scents with tinier 10ml bottles that will satisfy your soul with every spritz. Not to miss, now you don't have to compromise on your beloved scent as this set is travel-friendly.

Shop Luxury Perfumes Gift Set for Men - 6x10 ml Sampler Pack

Typically speaking, we like to wear our perfume, and going off the ball with our scent selection can be as good as misleading our tinder dates. Yikes! So, Without thinking twice about it, head to Bella Vita Organic & grab your favorite scent & we know you’ll love it all!

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