Tips & Tricks To Tame Frizzy Hair At Home

Tips & Tricks To Tame Frizzy Hair At Home

Whether your hair is curly, straight, or colored, one hair problem each one has is frizzy hair. And with the monsoon season at its peak, frizzy hair leads to hair fall. Honestly, frizzy hair is unavoidable but the secret is knowing how to deal with it. Frizzness is caused by dry hair texture that lacks moisture and with weather changes our hair becomes frizzy. Agreed?

Living with frizzy hair and curly hair texture can be one of the most frustrating things. We try on tons of products and efforts to make our hair look the best before we walk out of the house. And the minute you see a mirror, all you see is a bird’s nest on your head. A lot of us have been there, including me and we are always on the lookout for solutions to tame the frizziness.

We usually blame it on our hair texture but it’s our hair regime that causes frizziness. All it takes is a little extra attention to tackle the problem and this doesn’t mean you have to hurt your pocket with luxe hair products and hair salon runs for frizzy hair treatment. We need a little insight on what are the causes and budget-friendly solutions to tackle frizzy hair.

What Are The Causes Of Frizzy Hair?

While there are some unavoidable reasons like weather change but some prevention begins from your end. Like your skin, your hair too says a lot about your personality so your hair care regime should always be on point. Let’s take you through the causes of frizzy hair and mark yourself where you have been going wrong.

You Are Washing Your Hair Everyday

There’s no secret that your harsh foaming shampoos can mess up your natural equilibrium that ultimately results in dull and dry hair that looks frizzy. Instead of shampooing every day, stick to a schedule of two or three times a week depending on your hair texture. Incorporate a hydrating shampoo in your hair care regime such as Growth Protein Conditioning Shampoo to help further combat your frizzy hair.

You Are Using Hair Styling Tools Daily

We hate to say that but your hair styling tools can cause damage. If you’re someone who uses heat to style your hair as it strips off the natural moisture and leads to frizz. Whether it’s a curling iron, hairdryer or flat iron make sure you use a heat protectant hair product and set them at the lowest temperature setting.

The Water Temperature

Extra hot water might feel relaxing but it’s not doing your hair any favors as it strips your hair of the natural oils. And with lack of moisture in your hair, further causes frizz and it’s wise to avoid anything that can remove the precious oils from your hair. Turn down the water temperature to lukewarm, and switch to a shorter shower and your hair will thank you later.

Drying Hair WIth Dry Towel

Wrapping your hair with a bath towel draws moisture and ultimately leads to frizz. And if you’re someone with curly hair be extra conscious as the friction can also cause clumps and deformed coils. One can switch to a micro-fiber towel to dry your hair as it helps with frizz control and reduces hair damage. 

A Guide To Your Frizz-Free Hair Treatment

Who doesn’t want lustrous, healthy, and long hair? Factors such as pollution, dirt, using wrong hair products, and lifestyle can lead to dull hair strands. Just like your skincare routine, it’s important to pay attention to your hair care regime as well. Having a set hair care routine as multiple factors goes into making your hair healthy and shiny, so it’s natural to put some work into your hair as well. If you’ve been on a hunt for a hair care routine, we have curated a simple yet effective regime for those gorgeous tresses you have been dreaming of!

Step 1: Oiling 

The first and the foremost step in your hair care regime should be oiling. A well-known tradition has been passed on from generation to generation as a result of which our grandmothers and mothers have super luscious hair. Using SilkyStrong Scalp & Hair Oil helps to promote blood circulation and gives your hair much-needed moisture. Massage the oil and you’ll be left with hydrated hair that has been nourished with enriched nutrients. Curated with hand-picked natural ingredients such as Onion, Coffee, Bhringraj, and other ayurvedic herbs, this oil keeps your hair healthy and nourished. Massaging the scalp with warm oil leads to better blood circulation for roots and hair follicles.

Step 2: Shampoo

To have luscious and healthy hair, it’s essential to have a clean scalp as a dirty scalp with sebum builds up to the hair follicles leaving a shabby look and unwanted oiliness. Invest in Growth Protein Conditioning Shampoo enriched with extracts of Coffee, Onion, Black Seed Oil along with other ayurvedic herbs that help with the growth of healthy hair while reducing damage, frizzy hair, and split-ends. Also, shampoo removes dead skin cells from the scalp and lets your hair grow. Additionally, the temperature of the water also plays a major part while you’re cleansing.

Step 3: Condition

The purpose of shampoo is to cleanse all the dirt and dead skin cells from your scalp and in the process, your hair might strip off oils. It's imperative to use a conditioner afterward as it helps to restore the moisture that has been lost in your hair strands. Growth Protein Natural Hair Conditioner molded with Keratin, Onion, Coffee and other Ayurvedic herbs strengthen your strands, helps in hair growth, and reduces frizziness making strands appear healthy.

Step 4: Treatment

Every two or three times a week, switch from your moisturizer to a hair mask to repair your hair concerns. And what can be better than a Growth Protein Hair Spa Mask, nourishes the scalp and making the roots stronger. Once your hair is dry, adding moisture at this stage will strengthen your hair locks, curb the frizz and help to detangle your hair in a much easier way.

Make it a point not to wash your hair every day as people with a normal to dry scalp should wash their hair not more than two times a week to keep their hair in optimal condition. Simantelously, if you still struggle with your hair care routine, Team Bella Vita Organic is here to serve you with the best products and solutions.

Suggested Combos for Frizzy Hair

  1. Growth Protein Shampoo & Conditioner Combo
  2. Hair Essential Combo Pack

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