Perfect Rakhi Gifts for your brother or sister

Perfect Rakhi Gifts for your brother or sister

What is Raksha bandhan & why do we celebrate it?

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, the festival that celebrates the pure and playful bond between siblings has an interesting mythology behind it. A long, long time ago, Lord Krishna once got hurt and Draupadi, his sister, witnessed it. To help Krishna, she tore a part of her saree and tied it around his finger to stop the bleeding. It was then, Krishna promised Draupadi to protect her forever. 

Today, rakhi looks a little different, as the sister ties a sacred thread around her brother’s wrist and then offers sweets to her brother in return for protecting her (raksha), cementing their bond (bandhan). But of course, it’s the promise of protection and presents going hand-in-hand that makes rakhi a fun festival for the entire family to celebrate together. 

As rakhi is almost around the corner, it is time to shower your brother or sister with gifts that show you care. As the sisters make a beeline to markets, looking for the most intricately designed Rakhi threads for their rockstar brothers, we can bet that the brothers must be having a hard time wondering how to pamper their sisters with special gifts that they love. 

Gifting as a Tradition on Raksha Bandhan

Although there are a lot of options that can be great gifts for rakhi; think  skincare, clothes, cash, chocolates. But choosing rakhi gifts for sister that she’ll love and can use for a long time can be challenging. 

Gift A Perfume this Raksha-Bandhan

Well, we have some rakhi gift ideas for you. Gift your siblings something they can carry with them all day long. Something that makes them feel special and pampered while they can use it more than just once, like a perfume gift set

A perfume gift pack is the best rakhi gift for your sister or brother. With a perfume for every personality, Bella Vita offers perfumes that will make your sibling smell amazing all day long. 

A perfume is a great way of taking personal care and pampering yourself, uplifting your mood and boosting morale. As its nature is, perfumes always make you appear more attractive, and who doesn’t want that? So, go ahead and make your siblings shine more with it!

Tips on Choosing the Right Perfume for your Siblings

Here are some tips on selecting the best rakhi gift for sister or rakhi gift hampers for brother.  Since perfumes majorly enhance your personality, you must pick something that aligns and compliments your sibling’s aura! 

  • Perfume Gift Sets:
 If you are someone who always ends up buying things that your sibling hates once you’ve purchased it, then we are your saviours! Thank us, later.

Bella Vita perfumes offer perfume gift sets for men and women. These boxes have handpicked best selling fragrances which you’ll definitely end up loving. Each perfume gift set has four miniatures, arousing your olfactory experience. 

The Luxury Gift Set for Women has the right mix of fruity, floral, oriental, woody and sweet oud, for all her moods, with CEO Woman, Rose Woman, Glam Woman and Honey Oud. 

The Luxury Gift Set for Men has the right cluster of aromatics, woody and citrus perfumes for every occasion. This box holds CEO man, Impact Man, Dominus and Oud Parfum. 

Gifting the Luxury Perfume gift set can definitely save you a lot of time and effort, yet make you the superhero you are! Think no more, go give your brother or sister the perfect gift this rakhi.

  • Perfumes for Men:

 If your brother is a mix of personalities at different times of his day, then this is your go to rakhi gift for brother·        

For the Party Animal: If your brother is the wild party animal then Bella Vita KLUB Man is your pick for him is the perfect rakhi gift; a fragrance that vibes with his energy and mood! 

 For the swag-bearer of the house: The one who is the Pro-Protector, one who settles up all the goof-ups of the house, Bella Vita G.O.A.T man is the perfume for him. Gift him to honour the Great personality he is! 

 For the Boss man: Is he someone who has his “A-game” on when it comes to work or business? Someone with high aims and goals, the hard worker yet the classy chap. Bella Vita CEO man is just the aroma he needs this rakhi.

  • Perfumes for Women:

The Boss Babe Vibe: If she is the bold, classy woman bossing around the house, then you can’t go wrong with the Bella Vita CEO women, the perfect perfume for girls

 For the Pampered Pooh: If your sister is the most pampered member of the house, we have a rakhi gift idea for you. Gift your dear little princess Bella Vita Rose or Senorita

 The “I am my favourite” woman: Is your sister the “I am my favourite woman”, someone who is astonishingly in her element all the time? She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her; the intellectual and massy alpha women.  In this case, the best rakhi gift for sister is Bella Vita GLAM Woman. 

Why Gift a Bella Vita Perfume: 

Perfumes make you smell amazingly good. They elevate your presence wherever you go, leaving a long lasting impression. It makes you more noticeable and a head-turner when chosen rightly. Bella Vita Perfumes offer you that perfect combo at a very affordable price. 

This rakhi, don’t compromise on the quality of gifts by worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. Buy the Bella Vita perfumes as a rakhi gift set for your sister or brother starting just under ₹500.

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