Men Perfume Guide: Choosing The Right Perfume For Different Occasions

Men Perfume Guide: Choosing The Right Perfume For Different Occasions

Transform yourself into a gentleman by pairing the right perfume with your poise and manners. A good fragrance is an extension of your personality, and the best perfumes for men have the tendency to create a long lasting impression. In fact, a great-smelling scent is so powerful that it helps you influence people and become the talk of the town in no time.

Why wear perfume? 

Even though perfumes are timeless and elegant, most men keep their best perfumes reserved for special occasions. It is perceived that fragrances are expensive and only for connoisseurs, so they should be worn only occasionally. But that can't be further away from reality. 

Life is short, so keep your best fragrances on hold! Wearing perfume is best for your self-confidence. Many studies have proven that a scent reminds people or connects them with certain emotions and feelings. 

So a fragrance can help you develop a bond and leave a lasting impact.

Is a more expensive perfume better? 

To understand this question, let us first understand the reason behind expensive perfumes. Generally, perfumes are priced based on the concentration of fragrance; the higher the concentration, the greater the price. Other factors like packaging and brand prestige also define its cost. 

However, the fragrance of the perfume cannot be defined by its worth. Many of the top perfumes for men come at affordable and pocket-friendly prices too. The best way to judge a perfume is by trying it on, or if shopping online, visit other platforms and check whether the scent has got the reviews worth its cost or not.

How to choose the right perfume for different occasions?

 perfume for occasions

Choosing the best perfume for men is not easy, but worry not. We have got your back. Let us understand fragrances before checking out the best ones for different occasions. 

Scents are typically formulated from three layers of notes: Top Note, Middle Note and a base note. There are usually two to three facets of perfume: citrus-woody and aromatic-spicy-woody. 

After a few trials, you will need to find out which kind of notes you like and if they work well on your skin and complement your personality. While choosing the right perfume, factors such as the season, your mood, or even the event must be kept in mind. For instance, there is always a difference between the fragrance you will wear to the beach and the one you will wear to work.

Now let's take a look at fragrances that are right for different occasions: 

At Work: Your office is the place where you go every day. Therefore, waking up, getting dressed and choosing just the right perfume becomes even more critical. The trick is to keep your scent subtle and ooze confidence with your personality. 

Your office is where you spend most of your time, so choosing a long-lasting perfume for men is essential. The best perfume for men that qualifies for everyday work wear is Bella Vita's CEO For Man. Step into your work smelling great every morning that stays till the time you are home.

At Party: Special evenings and parties need a unique party perfume that makes you the centre of attention and the talk of the town. It is best to opt for oriental, amber, or musk aromas because they have rich and enticing notes of patchouli, spices, and vanilla. 

When choosing the perfect fragrance for your next party, look no further than two best selling fragrances from Bella Vita- Oud Unisex Luxury Perfume and Honey Oud Unisex Perfume. Complete your casual evening get-togethers or office party look with these luxury fragrances.

At Romantic Date: When it comes to enjoying romantic dates, one cannot emphasise the importance of wearing the right fragrance. You can either go for floral and delicate notes or choose woody fragrances. 

But whatever you wear, you are not overwhelming yourself or your partner with the intense aroma. You can select from Bella Vita's White Oud for a musky and patchouli scent or Dominus Man Perfume for a flowy and smooth affair.

At Vacation or Brunches: The calm scent sets the right tone for a vacation or brunch date. No one wants to smell woody or musky while on holiday or brunch. 

The mood is mellow, and you need a breezy fragrance to go with it. To enjoy a leisurely morning at its best, it is an excellent choice to invest in fresh scents like SKAI Aquatic and Fresh Unisex Fragrances from Bella Vita. 

Are there any best practices for wearing perfume?

Yes, there are a few basic rules for wearing your favourite perfume. It is always recommended to wear perfumes on the body, generally on the pulse points, such as the inside of the wrists, the back of the neck, and behind the ears.

 Body warmness makes the perfume bloom to its fullest potential. The lingering effect of perfume is lessened when worn on clothing since it doesn't produce the warmth of the pulse points.

Also, another best hack to smell amazing all day is to carry the small packaging of your scent with you. Pocket perfume for men is the thing, and it helps when you need an extra spritz of freshness anytime, anywhere.


  • How do you style perfume?
  • Styling perfume is different for everyone. The right fragrance is always an extension of your personality. Therefore, just like your clothing, other criteria like occasion, season, intensity, etc., must be kept in mind.

  • Which smell is seductive?
  • Seductive fragrances have the power to attract and provoke aphrodisiac reactions. Scents like vanilla, jasmine, ginger, patchouli, and sandalwood can make you smell seductive.

  • How do you smell like luxury?
  • Smelling luxury is a trick to choosing suitable fragrances and can be achieved even on a budget. It is essential to look out for perfumes with the right scent concentration and not too overwhelming or underwhelming. Woody, Amber and musky notes are generally considered a luxury, but there is no rulebook for smelling great.

  • Which perfume is best for a party?
  • Woody, musky and spicy notes are considered the best for evening parties. Make sure the scent you are wearing for the party is slightly stronger than your everyday perfume.

  • How to wear cologne for a party?
  • When wearing perfume for a party, you need to make it long lasting. Spray it right after the shower on moisturised skin, and apply it to your pulse points. Do not miss out on spraying it behind your ears and neck.

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