Everyone is looking for clear, healthy and toned skin, but with our daily busy schedules, sometimes one overlooks a few skincare essential routines. What we are looking for is something simple and convenient, yet something which is effective enough to make sure that our skin gets the pampering it needs and deserves.

Your face is the most focal part of you. You would like for your skin to be glowing and properly nourished, and you can get that perfect enviable skin just by picking out the right face toner.

If you have already found that ideal toner for face, consider it a big win. Your skin would definitely be thanking you for it. But if you’re still unsure about which facial toner would be the most suitable, you should look no farther than rose water for face

Toner: An Overlooked Essential

There is a wide range of beauty products these days, so let’s keep it simple. A face toner is the middleman of your skincare routine. It’s to be used after you’ve washed your face, but before you apply any moisturisers or serums. A toner for your face will make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed.

There are different types of toners for different skin types, and you can pick a mild or stronger one depending on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, a mild face toner would be advisable, which would be free of alcohol or acids.

An advantage of going with a rose water toner becomes clearer: it’s a natural concoction, free of any possible harmful ingredients.

Rose Water’s Suitability on Different Skin Textures

Rose water works as a natural facial toner. Since it is a blend of natural ingredients, like our Glowner mist, it can be used multiple times on a daily basis. Until and unless you are allergic to roses, a rose toner is skin-friendly for everyone.

If your skin is on the sensitive side, a rose water toner would be perfect for your skin: it would be mild and gentle.

For a boost of hydrating nourishment, a rose water face toner would work wonders for dry skin. Contrastingly, this face toner would be suitable for oily skin as well, since it is known to balance out the natural oils of your skin. 

Why Add Rose Water to Your Skincare Routine?  

The benefits of having a natural rose water facial toner don’t just end with how it works on all skin types. It has been a preferred focus of people’s skincare routines due to a number of other plus points.It is known to reduce acne

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it has been in use in beauty products for a long time. It is known to reduce acne, redness and puffiness.

It evens out your skin tone

 Its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing redness of skin, keeping it fresh and clear.

It has anti-aging properties

Apart from this, rose water even has anti-aging properties (yes, anti-aging properties!) and regularly using it might help in reducing wrinkles.

It balances out your skin’s natural oils

Rose water is not just a natural concoction. It also balances the natural oils on your skin, keeping it nourished and hydrated.

It keeps your skin clear, young and happy-looking 

Balanced skin means clarified skin: a rose water toner would keep your skin’s pores minimised, giving your skin a smooth and firm look. 

It keeps your skin protected 

The pleasant fragrance of roses is an added benefit, and apart from keeping your skin nourished, rose water would also strengthen your skin so it can defend itself from external factors.

Skin toning is a simple process that goes a long way. Fortunately for the ease in use, this is a practice that can be regularly adopted for your skincare regime. It’s not even restricted to just the skincare experts: everyone can go with this straightforward process. Face toners for men can be a boon too (because who does not want smooth and clear skin?), and a fundamental part of any skincare routine.

Your skin deserves pampering. If there is an undemanding regime for you to follow (and evidently, there is), then going for a good rose toner is a no-brainer! With minimal effort, your skin would become clearer, look younger and happier. It definitely sounds like an investment worth making. 


Can you use rose water on your face every day?

Yes, rose water is a natural toner and suitable for all skin types. It is safe for use.

Is applying rose water good for the face?

Yes! Using a rose water toner is a simple process with a lot of benefits for your skin.

Can I remove pimples with rose water?

Rose water toner for the face has antioxidant properties which help reduce acne and keep the skin clear.

Does rose water make your face glow?
Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that keeps the skin soothed and clean. It makes the skin look healthy and nourished.

What is the best time to apply rose water?
While there is no particular time to apply rose water, you can fit it as convenient to your timeline on a daily basis: once in the morning and once before bed.

How often should you use rosewater toner?
There is no restriction to applying rosewater toner since it is a natural product. But using it twice a day is advisable.

Can I leave toner on my face overnight?

Yes, if it’s a natural face toner, it is safe to leave it on your skin overnight.

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