Bella Vita Organic Exclusive Guide: On How to Take Care of Your Skin in Summers:

Bella Vita Organic Exclusive Guide: On How to Take Care of Your Skin in Summers:

Summers-time is a much awaited season that just not connects us with heat but also brings forth a new fashion, trend, and a sense of new lifestyle. However, Often times, sun rays are harsh on skin making it look dull and tired. With the increase in pollution each day, it gets hard for our skin to radiate and glow due to pollutants, harmful chemical rays, tan that leaves our skin with various skin related issues. Fighting a skin concern be it blemished, dull, and sensitive becomes a tough challenge and an endless spree of confusion regarding which product to use and what routine to follow. At such stages, people with combination and oily skin face the biggest challenge regarding the care, routine or product to be used in order to protect from the harsh weather of summer and get glowing skin in summers.

For you to follow a skin-care routine, it is essential for you to know your skin-type. For instance, if you T section remains oily / dry than rest of your skin it is possible you have a combination skin. On the other hand, if you have a thin and sensitive skin that cannot bear any normal product other than natural products the possibility of you having sensitive skin is high. If you face a challenge to constant retouch make-up with talc or compact to control oil on your skin or have to wash face constantly, it is best to go for oily products as your skin type can be categorized as one. If your skin produces sebum apart from being oily causing acne, there’s a high chance of having a acne-prone / combination skin. But, if you constantly face a challenge to apply face lotions, toners or creams to supress dryness and boost collagen, your skin has a high chance to be under dry skin-type.
Now, once you’ve understood the type, you have to know what might suit you and what not. However, there is a all-round procedure, that can be followed by almost every skin-type. What varies under the list is the amount of times one must wash face or what products to you for which we have a complete different guide that will help you to know your skin-type, beat acne, or to know your make-up routine.

Today, we are here to provide 7 Steps to you on How to take care of your skin in summers:

Let’s start with the obvious!

1 Drink Plenty of Water & Wash Face 2-3 Times a Day:
Drinking 8-9 ounces of water every day is said to be a healthy scale in summers to hydrate your body. Our skin in summers are not just sensitive but also gets dehydrated from time to time. This affects dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin directly. It is hence necessary to drink 8 ounces of water along with washing your face with water 2-3 times a day. This helps in removing excess dirt that has found space on skin, dryness, and excess oil/sebum which by washing and drinking water gets removed.

2 Know Your Skin Type & Opt for the right face-wash:
Each skin type is different and depending upon your skin type, it is essential to opt for products that would help you with your skin problem. Cleansing is one of the most important morning routines just like any other morning to-dos. Bella Vita Organic would suggest washing the face at least 2-3 times for people with sensitiveand oily skin. Our suggestion would be to choose a face wash that is summer-friendly, light on your skin, and supports your skin problem.

3 Never Forget Your Sunscreen:
It is a known fact in summers the blazing heat & UV rays penetrate our skin making it dull and exposed, making it appear dry, dull promoting blemishes and wrinkles. Sunscreen at such times protects your skin from premature aging be it for dry skin or sensitive skin, which allows for a natural glow.

4 Use Products Rich in Vit – C :
Use Products Rich in Vit-C is another investment that one should do in summers. Be it on your diet or on your face, a product that is rich and customized for summers consisting Vit-C is a must-have. Vit-C helps in fight blemishes, wrinkles and promotes a natural glow.

5 Minimal Make-Up for Skin to Breathe:
For women, make-up in one of the most attractive routines for the day. Whether the ladies love minimal makeup or a complete contour process, we, however, recommend going with a dewy makeup consisting less of the foundation, more of the moisturizers, hydra creams, and BB Creams. Also, it is necessary to avoid heavy face powders/compacts during summers. The ideal method would be to use 3 layer techniques for the make-up in summers.

6 Exfoliate twice a week: 
Summer is a hard period to keep up with your skin routines. The best step for such a periods is to exfoliate twice a week. Exfoliating helps prevent excess sebum, control black and white heads, remove dirt from the pores and push a glow on your face, leaving your skin rejuvenated. The best way to exfoliate is to rub over a face scrub as per your skin type over your face in circular motions for about half a minute. Make sure not to be hard while scrubbing your face

7 Face Mist is your Travel Buddy:
Natural Toners and Face Mists are some of the mist-haves! It is advisable to have a spray noose-based face toner which can help you cool down during scrutinizing the heat of summers. A face toner or face mist will help you balance your pH balance, protect you from heat, and give you a cooling effect during travel.
Even though the list is endless, when it comes to skin care for summers, it is also essential to keep the body fresh with the cold showers and so does the face. Bella Vita Organic is bringing home-remedies in feasible & portable way to help you cut the effort in just a knack of time. Hence, it is feasible to detect your skin type and make purchases to beat the heat!

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