Gentle Reminder: All skin types need exfoliation for healthy and glowing skin.

Gentle Reminder: All skin types need exfoliation for healthy and glowing skin.

Reverse skin damage by exfoliating your skin daily. If you want to shield your skin by keeping dryness at bay and enjoying a healthy glow, then exfoliation is one thing that you shouldn’t miss out on! Gentle exfoliation helps to slough away dead skin cells, ensuring delicate and smooth skin. In addition to opening up pores, exfoliating makes it easier for moisturizers and serums to penetrate.

Now that you have some idea about the wonders of exfoliation- let’s deep dive into the world of same and identify its benefits, best exfoliating products and some more top secrets. Let’s get started-

Why Exfoliation

We all reside in a nutshell where we were taught that a basic shower with soap/body wash could help you get rid of dirt. While it’s partially correct, it doesn’t help in getting rid of dead skin that forms a layer every few days. 

Our skin renews timely, leading to the formation of dead skin on the surface. It’s essential to remove these dead cells to open up the pores, give life to your skin and keep it away from early-ageing. 


Also, in this hustle and bustle, we don’t realise the amount of dirt and dust stuck on our skin. While some can be easily removed instantly, some particles get adjusted in the pores and can be removed only with the help of exfoliation. 


Benefits of Exfoliation-

Helps Get Rid of Dry Skin-

Gently buff away dry and dull while taking care of your skin with a body scrub. The exfoliation helps restore skin’s nutrients, leaving your skin silky and smooth. It comes with tiny rough particles that clean the pores deep and give a splash of radiance. 

Makes Skin Tighter

Exfoliation helps stimulate collage synthesis that ensures to make your skin looks healthier and nourishing. It also helps prevent early ageing.

Gently cleanses the pores-

Exfoliation ensures the extraction of complete dirt from pores and makes it easier for other products to indulge with skin easily. Leading to nourishing and hydrating skin.

Best Ingredients for Exfoliation-

When it comes to face and body scrub, it is recommended to go ahead with scrubs that are crafted with natural ingredients and are infused with properties that can help you get rid of dirt quickly. Some of the primary components you should consider while preparing your own scrub are Honey, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Rose Petals, Oil Essence, Coffee Etc.

In the world of exfoliation, coffee has taken over customers’ hearts. While you enjoy the aroma of the coffee, meanwhile it ensures to deep cleanse your skin and lets you experience soft and supple skin. 

It is considered the best secret for skin because it helps to prevent early ageing, improves blood circulation, repairs skin from UV damage etc. 

Why Should One Prefer Coffee Scrub For Face and Body?

Coffee is considered a natural source of caffeine which is rich in antioxidants. It is perfectly designed to gently exfoliate the skin, refine uneven and rough skin, help retain moisture, etc.


Here are some detailed benefits that you shouldn’t miss out-

  1. Keeps your skin nourished- Infused with coffee particles, it gently spreads on your face and body to keep it clean and away from dust and pollution. The best part about coffee is that it doesn’t make your skin rough or dry but leaves warm notes of creamy coffee along with hydrated skin.
  2. Protects you from early ageing- Coffee comes in with antioxidants that help keep your skin tight and firm and fight back early-ageing wrinkles and dead skin cells that overtake the first layer of skin.
  3. Glow is the Ultimate Goal- At the end of the day, radiance makes everything perfect. No one knows it better than a coffee scrub, which helps bring the glow to your skin without hassle. 

Face Scrub & Its Benefits-

Due to stress and the hustle, we hardly get time to care for our skin. Leading it to appear dull and patchy. Hence, Face Scrub is a much-needed solution to your skincare regimen. It helps exfoliate the skin from deep within, unclogging pores, lets you get rid of tan, and evades dead skin.

Why Should One Use Face Scrub?

A Face Scrub comprises coarse particles that help efficiently exfoliate the skin. The particles of face scrub rub gently against your soft skin, penetrate deep down to skin pores, and extract the dirt and dust particles. It also helps remove dead skin, creating more radiant and hydrated skin.



Benefits of Face Scrub-

  • Removes Dry Patches
  • Dry Patches, also known as flaky skin, are a significant sign of unhealthy skin. While naturally, you should focus on improving your diet and keeping yourself hydrated. In the skincare routine, you should bring an add-on of face scrub that can eliminate flaky skin in no seconds and make it soft and supple.


    1. Say Goodbye to Acne Scars-

    While acne settles down for 2-3 days, acne scars choose to stay forever. Face Scrub promotes the natural skin reformation process, leading to lighter acne scars and more glowing skin.


    1. No More Ingrown Hair-

    Ingrown Hair is a significant root cause for leading to several pimples on the face. However, a face scrub infused with antioxidants can help you get rid of it quickly.

    How to Use Face Scrub-

      Step1- Gently wash your face with normal or luke water.

    Step 2: Squeeze out your favourite Face Scrub.

    Step 3: Gently make it in touch with your skin and massage it with soft hands.

    Step 4: Massage it for 10-15 seconds and do the same for the Neck and Back.

    Step 5: Remove it with lukewarm water and prepare for glowing skin.

    Body Scrub & Its Benefits-

    While we all have a good look at our faces in the mirror, we often forget to take care of the body in the same way. Our body also suffers from clogged pores that might lead to acne, more sweat, patchy skin, and wrinkles. To eliminate these uncalled problems, start including body scrub in your routine.


    Benefits of Body Scrub-

  • Smooth Skin-
  • Wake up to fresh and smooth skin every morning with the help of a body scrub. It promises to cleanse your pores deep and make you enrich with glowing and pulp skin.


    1. No Body Bumps

    Just like the face, our body can also lead to acne breakout. The primary reason behind this can be clogged pores. With the help of exfoliating body scrub, you can let your pores breathe fresh air and keep your body away from uncalled bumps.


    1. Get Ready for Skin Rejuvenation-

    Body scrub gently peels off your outermost layer and lets your skin enjoy a time of rejuvenation. Moreover, it’s the best therapy to keep your mind relaxed and healthy.


    How to Use Body Scrub-

    1. Take a shower with Luke Warm Water-

    Before directly applying the scrub to your dry skin, opening up the pores naturally is essential, making the body scrub penetrate deep inside easily. Hence, ensure to take a bath with your favourite body wash.

    1. Apply Body Scrub-

    Take a scoop of body scrub and apply it on slightly wet skin. Cover your neck, back, arms, legs, and chest and gently massage it in a circular motion. Wait 10-15 minutes, and wash it off gently from your skin.

    1. Moisturise! Moisturise and Moisturise!

    Body Scrub lets your pores stay open-ended. This is the best time to use other products so they can penetrate in quickly. Hence, ensure to hydrate, nourish your skin with a moisturiser, and get ready to feel soft and supple skin.


    Best Face and Body Scrub Product-

    Ensure to get your hands on a scrub infused with natural ingredients that helps exfoliate easily. One of the best natural ingredients that come with many benefits is coffee. Hence, look out for exfoliating face and body scrub with coffee and other organic ingredients. 

    Start your skincare journey with the perfect face and body scrub today. Here’s one for you that you won’t regret using at all-


    Carefully crafted, this all-natural and gentle face and body scrub help clear acne, lighten scars and manage excess oil, leading to supple, refreshed, and healed skin from within. 

    Use this best exfoliating scrub to get soft and radiant skin. Known as tan removal scrub, it glides easily on your skin and ensures deep cleaning of the pores, making your skin look younger and healthier. 

    What are you waiting for? Get your hands on it today and take the route to perfect skincare routine, today!

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