Papaya Face Glow & PapyBlem Cream Gel Combo

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Papaya Face Glow Pack with a 3 in 1 formula creates instant Lightening, Fights Pigmentation & Blemishes while its Anti-Ageing properties create Skin Tightening. Using highest quality of Papaya, Pure Saffron & Compressed Almond & Vit. E Oil our unique formula is a best seller. A gentle face pack for fighting Pigmentation & Blemishes while Treating Mature Skin, it provides a unique combination of Deep Cleansing, Nourishment & Hydration. Regular use helps in brightening and smoothening the skin by removing impurities and tightening the skin.

PapyBlem Cream Gel is created using organic Papaya extract, choicest Saffron & pure Aloe-Vera, this mild face gel is the perfect face regimen for improving complexion, repairing broken skin and fighting blemishes, marks & pigmentation. Should be used daily for deep hydration and natural skin repair.

 Papaya Face Glow Pack for Pigmentation, Blemish Removal

Pollution, dust and constant exposure to Sun often causes damage, dryness & darkening of our facial skin leading to Pigmentation, Wrinkling, Blemishes and darkening.

It is also harmful to use commercial creams and face packs loaded with chemicals on a daily basis.

Bella Vita Organic’s 3 in 1 De-Pigmentation Anti Wrinkle De-Tan Whitening Papaya Face Glow Pack is the perfect natural & chemical free solution against major facial skin concerns & damage. Papaya has natural richness of Vit. A and Papain enzymes, which naturally hydrate the skin while cleansing the skin. When combined with Bees Wax, Almond & Vit. E Oil along with Bentonite Clay, it also helps sooth the skin while creating instant brightening & bringing back your natural Glow, Hydration and Fairness. Active Almond.

Papaya Face Gel Cream for Anti Pigmentation & Blemish Removal

We often ignore our skin wellbeing due to our daily routines and busy lives, which usually leads to distressed skin. A major facial skin concern faced by today’s Women and men are scars, blemishes, spots and pigmentation.
Bella Vita Organic’s Papaya Saffron Aloe-Vera face gel is a unique combination of effective natural ingredients, which deeply hydrate your skin while repair and fight against dark spots, blemishes, pigmentation and scars. The face gel is perfect for all skin types and works wonders on mature skin. Our mild gels are great for people with oily and acne prone skin as these are light as compared to the usual cream based cosmetic products.
Also, it contains no nasty chemicals, which makes it gentle on skin and 100% safe for regular use.
Papaya Face Glow & PapyBlem Cream Gel Combo
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