Rose Skin Brightening Face Scrub For Women & Men

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Bella Vita Organic Rose Fairness Face Scrub For Women & Men is the best de-tan face gel scrub with real pomegranate grit. A perfect cleanser and exfoliator that provides a radiant facial glow while simultaneously helping in removing blemishes, pigmentation, and acne, and heals redness and sunburns.
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Rose & Osmanthus Fairness, Brightening, Whitening, Exfoliating, Cleansing Face Scrub For Women & Men by Bella Vita Organic

With the power of Rose, Coolness of Osmanthus & Purity of Saffron, This Detan face gel scrub with real Pomegranate grit is an ideal cleanser and exfoliator for both men and women.

Radiance, Glow & Shine will come naturally to your skin with this wondrous face scrub rich in natural ingredients and flower extracts. Use this skin brightening face gel scrub thrice a week to experience the following benefits with these naturally powerful ingredients:-

🌿Rose – Brightens The Skin

🌿Papaya – Helps in Blemishes & Pigmentation Removal

🌿Saffron – Best For Skin Fairness & Brightening

🌿Calendula – Heals Redness, Acne & Sunburn

🌿Jasmine – For Even Skin Tone

🌿Daisy – Prevents Hyperpigmentation

🌿Orchid - Creates Smooth Skin Texture

🌿Basil – Anti Wrinkle Properties

🌿Chamomile – Relaxes & Calms The Skin

🌿Walnut Grit – Deeply Exfoliates & Removes Dirt

🌿Lotus – Full of Vitamin C, Brightens & Nourishes The Skin

🌿Aloe Vera – All Around Skin Care

🌿Rosemary – Anti Ageing & Reverse Cell Damage To Skin

🌿Osmanthus – Cleanses Skin From Bacteria, Chemicals, Dirt & Other Toxins

Rose Extract: Brightens the skin tone. As a gentle antiseptic, cleanses the skin and prevents blemishes. Additionally, minimizes redness and soothes irritation.

Papaya Extract: Nourishes the skin by removing dead skin cells and inactive proteins, thus, rejuvenating your skin. Also, keeps your skin hydrated.

Saffron: Helps your skin to maintain optimum health & appear youthful. Further, reduces skin irritation, rashes, and swelling.

Lotus: Essentially, hydrates your skin. Prevents premature ageing, clogged pores, acne, and blackheads.

Pomegranate Grit: Act as a natural exfoliator. Reduces the signs of skin ageing caused by sun exposure, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Also, prevents hyperpigmentation and age spots.

Chamomile: Prevents acne, scars, swelling, and minor abrasions. An effective moisturizing natural agent.

For astonishing results, use this face gel scrub thrice a week for at least a month. We advise you to follow the step-by-step routine listed below:

Step 1: Dampen your face with plain tap water.

Step 2: Apply the desired quantity of this best selling scrub gel on your face.

Step 3: Massage in an upward circular motion to exfoliate and cleanse for a minute at least.

Step 4: Let it stay on for another minute and thereafter wash it off using clean tap water.

Bella Vita Organic or ‘The Good Life’ is a pioneer natural and organic skincare brand with its roots in mother earth's lap. Dedicated to creating handcrafted and organic beauty solutions, we are inspired by the natural elements of the earth and impressive ancient beauty practices. Each skincare product and service at Bella Vita Organic is brought into existence using purest of ingredients, modern craft and legacy driven expertise. Sourced directly from the lush green fields of Kerala & South East Asia, these aim to bring unadulterated, customized skincare solutions to the new-age consumer for a surreal experience.

Rose Skin Brightening Face Scrub For Women & Men
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