Super Oud Unisex Perfume For Men & Women, 100ml

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Combining all verities of exotic Oud, Bella Vita Organic brings to you a unique blend of sweet yet a woody texture through its amazing fragrance for Unisex. Its unique notes make it suitable and desirable to all kind of people. Enjoy a long-lasting fragrance and shop now!
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Combining all realities of Oud, Bella Vita Organic presents to you a unique amalgam of sweet yet a woody texture through this wondrous fragrance for both Men & Women. Its novel notes make it fitting for all sexes and pleasing to all kind of noses. Experience a long-lasting fragrance with a high sillage with our uniquely curated exotic Oud.

This scent has been formed with deeply ingrained Middle Eastern culture, combining smoky and warm notes with punchy natural scent. This perfume is bottled with spice for a mysteriously sultry long-lasting scent by keeping you noisy all day long.

Now drape yourself with the intense fragrance of our brand new Oud Perfume Deodorant Spray and leave everyone awestruck and wondering. This deodorant has soothing woody notes that keep you feeling fresh and confident all day long with it's the aromatic and complex scent. The smell feels like a warm, woody with a slight hint of damp rot or a freshly watered tree. Shop this wonderous fragrance now and see the magic.

Why grab this?

Experience the royal OUD fragrance in a pump
Suitable for both Men & Women
Earthy and long-lasting
Ensures 6-8 hours freshness
A generous quantity of 100ml

Alcohol Denat., Aqua (Water), Parfume, PPG 20 Methyl Glucose Ether, Benzophenone 3."

Spray the perfume toward your pulse points at a distance of about 12 inches, stepping toward the mist in the air each time you spray.

Repeat the process until you cover all the desired pulse points like your wrist, back of your knee, neck and underarms.

For excellent results, you can also re-spray this all-natural, mild and non-allergic aroma at regular intervals throughout the day.

Super Oud Unisex Perfume For Men & Women, 100ml
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