Beard Perfume Spray For Men, Fresh Water Based Aqua Fragrance, 30ml

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With the goodness of soothing aroma and water-based natural formulation, this world's number 1, Beard Perfume is here to give your natural beard that manly fragrance and deeper moisture.Suitable for all beard types, this helps in straightening your beard and gives that crispy look. Allergen-free, natural ingredients, alcohol-free, growth stimulator...
Rs. 199
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Ever thought of Beard Perfume? NO?
That is why we have brought to you first-ever, Alcohol-free beard perfume to give your beard that much needed manly fragrance. This water-based formula is meant especially for all beard types and helps in straightening the beard. Allergen-free, natural ingredients, alcohol-free, growth stimulator, crafted in Spain, and what not! This beard perfume for men is a unique innovation and an amalgam between a perfume and hair mist. This stimulates your hair follicles and helps them to grow stronger. 

After returning from a full-on high-intensity workout session or a summery hot day, we know that you crave for something full of life and a moment of leisure. This is something which can give you that. A spray from the distance of 10-12 inches can fill your soul and beard with the goodness of perfection and eternity. 

This amazingly formulated bottle of fragrance can prove to be your best friend on your romantic date night. Best way to impress your lady with the filled aroma of masculinity and charm, this beard mist is a perfect way to shape and nourish your beard from within.
Can be used anytime on dry or semi-wet hair, ideal for events and parties, easy to carry, fresh soothing aroma that your partner will adore. This beard perfume safe for hair and skin; With no parabens, silicones or sulfates.

Beard Perfume Spray For Men, Fresh Water Based Aqua Fragrance, 30ml
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