CTM Vitamin C & Aloe Vera Face Cleanser, Toner & Mist For Women & Men

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Face Toner - Open Pores. Worse, Large open pores! So many people are so troubled because their skin begins to age so much faster because of Pores that refuse to close. Enriched with Basil, Orchids, Marigold and Aloe Vera, tighten your skin and minimise pores. Dab your face toner with using a cotton ball and feel your skin getting younger with every use. You’ll feel a difference instantly. This is a Vitamin c packed powerhouse that your skin will thank you for! This will add vital nutrients to your skin, restore your skin’s PH balance and prevent ingrown hair. Consider this a suraksha Kawach for your skin! Combine this with my cleanser and any of my water creams to complete your CTM routine.

Face Mist - A quick spray of this, and your skin becomes energised and has an instant glow. Spray it on your face and feel an instant burst of freshness. It’s great for use before or after make up. This Mist is loaded with Vitamin C to refresh & Hydrate your skin. Use whenever you feel your face is beginning to look dull. It’s great for everyday use, and easy to use anywhere! The Aloe Vera and Tulsi in it give your skin some Ayurvedic goodness and the Rose makes the skin softer. A face mist is a your everyday pick-me-up for use at any point in the day. Perfect for when You wake up, get out of the gym or suddenly have to run for a coffee plan with friends!

Face Cleanser - Your skin is battling the elements all day! I have hence created a cleanser, which lets your skin feel loved, pampered and more importantly clean! This Cleanser is created with a burst of Vitamin C. Tulsi, aloe Vera, Lime and Rose.

CTM Vitamin C & Aloe Vera Face Cleanser, Toner & Mist For Women & Men
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