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Bella Vita Organic or 'The Good Life' is a leading natural beauty and skincare brand dedicated to creating handcrafted, organic solutions inspired by the natural elements of the earth and age-old beauty best practices. We advise our new-age consumers to listen to their skin and evaluate as to what it needs. So, as a brand, we guide you through what works best for you. We not only sell and deliver regime-oriented skincare products and services but also, additionally, offer 24 by 7 expertise navigating you through every step of your care journey.

Created By Nature, Curated By Bella Vita Organic

Each product and service Bella Vita Organic curates has been derived from the most qualitative natural ingredients, state of the art craft, and legacy-driven expertise. We recognise the fact that we’ll always be in the skin we’re in. And hence, accordingly, guide our consumers through honouring and protecting it via our all-natural products that stand organic and unadulterated.

Concern Relevant Wellness Products

We identify the beauty within you and connect for life. Our team assesses your beauty and skincare concerns. Following the assessment, we recommend relevant products. You name the concern and we will name the product that shall cater to it. As a brand, we make conscious efforts to tend to your concerns over and above just the physical application of our products.

Free From Harsh Chemicals

From being eco-friendly to being cruelty-free, everything we create is clinically tested that enables our customers to use them without worry. As a brand, we have shown constant trust in the chastity of nature's creations. The list of ingredients used in making these products are free of any toxic chemical like parabens, sulphates, and phthalates.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our core vision brings into being products and services that hold to the philosophy of nourishing the body with elements privy to its natural habitat. To make a difference to the environment around us, we have put in our best possible efforts to ensure that all products are packaged sustainably. The packaging involves the usage of glass jars with aluminium lids and recyclable bottles which are further packed in jute bags.

Women Empowerment

We, at Bella Vita Organic, believe in enhancing people's lives in any way - big or small. As a brand, we particularly empower more and more women to live their lives in a better way by equipping them with the required skill sets. To clarify, all our product labels are hand-pasted by these women.


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