Rose Fairness Face Scrub For Women & Men

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Rose & Osmanthus Fairness, Brightening, Whitening, Exfoliating, Cleansing Face Scrub For Women & Men by Bella Vita Organic

With the power of Rose, Coolness of Osmanthus & Purity of Saffron, This Detan face gel scrub with real Pomegranate grit is an ideal cleanser and exfoliator for both men and women.

Radiance, Glow & Shine will come naturally to your skin with this wondrous face scrub rich in natural ingredients and flower extracts. Use this skin brightening face gel scrub thrice a week to experience the following benefits with these naturally powerful ingredients:-

🌿Rose – Brightens The Skin

🌿Papaya – Helps in Blemishes & Pigmentation Removal

🌿Saffron – Best For Skin Fairness & Brightening

🌿Calendula – Heals Redness, Acne & Sunburn

🌿Jasmine – For Even Skin Tone

🌿Daisy – Prevents Hyperpigmentation

🌿Orchid - Creates Smooth Skin Texture

🌿Basil – Anti Wrinkle Properties

🌿Chamomile – Relaxes & Calms The Skin

🌿Walnut Grit – Deeply Exfoliates & Removes Dirt

🌿Lotus – Full of Vitamin C, Brightens & Nourishes The Skin

🌿Aloe Vera – All Around Skin Care

🌿Rosemary – Anti Ageing & Reverse Cell Damage To Skin

🌿Osmanthus – Cleanses Skin From Bacteria, Chemicals, Dirt & Other Toxins

Rose Fairness Face Scrub For Women & Men
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