Celeb Mist Body Perfume - Fresh, Sweet & Floral Fragrance 250ml
CelebMist, India's best selling body perfume mist for women by Bella Vita Organic is the most premium staple for your fragrance wardrobe. For women looking for a long-lasting yet pleasant, lighter, softer, and less concentrated version of a body perfume,...
Rs. 699 Rs. 250
Celeb Shine Body Shimmer Gloss Lotion For All Skin Types, Nude Shade
Celeb Shine by Bella Vita Organic gives you that celebrity look which you always wanted. It makes your body look radiant and highlighted with the nourishment that your body needs.It blurs the look of pores and fine lines while imparting a shimmering, Glossy finish....
Rs. 999 Rs. 499
Skin Brightening De-Tan Ayurveda Face & Body Scrub Grit, 100 gms
You're sure to miss out on a significant treat if you skip using a face and body scrub in your showering routine altogether. And, so Bella Vita Organic brings you its Ayurvedic Face & Body Scrub Grit that gets rid...
Rs. 399 Rs. 175
Aura Boosting Body Wash With Himalayan Rock Salt & Essential Oils, 210 ML
Looking for a way to unblock and cleanse your chakras, or restore the celestial energy in your body? If you need help with self-expression, grounding, and strengthening your inner self, Bella Vita Organic brings you the all-natural Aura Boosting Body...
Rs. 399 Rs. 185
NipLite Ayurvedic Nipple Lightening Creme
The nipples are one of the most private, intimate parts of the female physique. Although naturally developed to complement the colour of your skin, many women find the complexion of their nipples as unsuitable. Whether you wish to simply change...
Rs. 699 Rs. 299
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