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Rose & Lavender Face Mist & Toner - Natural Toner for Glowing Skin for All Skin Type
The Rose and Lavender natural skin toner has astringent properties that balances and restores the skin's natural pH balance and helps in pore tightening. This alcohol-free toner and face mist spray refreshes your skin and removes any residue of the...
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Rose Face Wash For Oily Skin To Dry Skin
Rich in Natural Ingredients and Pure Silver, This herbal face wash will give you a glowing skin and make your skin free from oiliness while giving it a fresh bright, glowing & shining look. This pleasant blend of rose and...
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Rose Glow Face Gel For Pore Minimising, Oil Control & Skin Brightening
Rose Glow Face Gel is a blend of pure Rosewater, Cucumber and Aloe Vera gel that soothes, refreshes and moisturises the skin. The pure extract from the Aloe Vera plant blended with nutrient-rich orchid extract, and papaya extract is a...
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Royal Salute Strong Woody Perfume For Men, 100 ml
Bella Vita Organic Major Salute, a luxury perfume for men in a concentrated woody & musk aroma with an immense sillage that can be worn for any occasion especially an evening party, dinner time or daily office wear.The new limited...
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SafeHands Hand Sanitizer With Neem & Aloe Vera Extracts (Pack Of 2 x 100 ml)
Proper hand hygiene is an extremely important part of one's overall wellness and the best possible way to remain healthy and productive. And, the antimicrobial properties of hand sanitizers can efficiently eliminate germs including bacteria and viruses in less than...
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Senor Luxury Perfume For Men 250 ml Inspired By Bleu De Chanel
A sporty yet elegant fragrance that would work perfectly for every mood. Top Notes: Grape Fruit, Rosemary, Italian Bergamot . Heart Notes: Rose Di Mai, Pink Pepper, French Lavender Base Notes : White Musk, Haitian Vetiver
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Senorita Woman Perfume 250 ml
Take your whole-body fragrance game up a notch with Skin Organ Senorita EDT. The luxurious aroma is inspired by one of the world’s best selling fragrance with a luxurious fresh and fruity scent. This enchanting fragrance features high notes of...
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Shine 100 ml Women Perfume
Embrace your good and bad side with Shine Women Eau de Parfum, inspired By Good Girl Carolina Herrera. Forever pushing and crossing the limit, our mysterious and sensuous fragrance is made for sophisticated and quirky women. Reveal your good side...
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Singh Saab Shampoo For Turbaned Hair, Dandruff, Oil Control, Fall Control, Itchiness & All Concerns
The Singh Saab Shampoo by Bella Vita Organic is a quintessential formulation specifically designed for our Sikh brothers to ensure longer, healthier, softer and smoother turbaned hair. This anti-dandruff shampoo makes your hair care routine luxurious and healthier at the...
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Skin Brightening De-Tan Natural Face & Body Scrub Grit. Ayurvedic Skin Whitening Scrub.
Stay away from dead skin and remove full body tan with the Bella Vita Organic's Skin Brightening De-Tan Ayurveda Face & Body Scrub Grit. It is an amalgamation of walnut grit, coffee powder, coconut oil, mixed herbs and rock salt...
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Spray Safe Sanitizing Disinfectant For Germs And Virus-Free Hands & Surfaces, 550ml
Maintaining a hygienic environment is essential to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, when the outbreak of diseases and infections is high, it becomes all the more essential to take that extra step. Bella Vita Organic introduces Spray Safe Sanitizing Disinfectant...
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Super Oud Unisex Perfume For Men & Women, 100ml
Combining all realities of Oud, Bella Vita Organic presents to you a unique amalgam of sweet yet woody texture through this wondrous unisex perfume. Its novel notes make it fitting for all sexes and appealing to everyone. Experience a long-lasting...
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Total Care Night Repair Creme For Skin Repair, Hydration & Glow
Bella Vita Organic Total Care Night Cream is an ideal choice to brighten your skin and to give it an even tone. It hydrates your skin and moisturizes it proving nourishment. This cream-gel is enriched with natural ingredients and its...
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Vegan Shaving Brush With No Animal Hair
A superior quality shaving brush with an aesthetically pleasing design, Bella Vita Organic Vegan Shaving Brush with no animal hair, ensures a rich, luxurious and smooth shaving experience. Soften and lift that beard by creating a perfect lather with this...
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Venom 100 ml Women Perfume
With the splash of sweet, floral and woody fragrance, Venom Women Perfume inspired by Kenzo, creates a delicious trap that instantly poisons and draws out the pleasure to the point of addiction.This exotic, seductive, captivating fragrance will amaze you with...
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Vitamin C Face Wash With Coffee Beans, Neem & Mint, Oil Control, Acne, Brightening & Glow, Men & Women Unisex
Pamper your skin with Vitamin C Face wash by Bella Vita Organic. It is a multifaceted Face Wash with amazing cleansing properties. It is infused with real coffee beans that treat dark circles, acne, tanning, dull skin, pigmentation, etc. This...
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Volume Protein Hair Mask For Hairfall Control, Frizzy Hair, Color Damaged Hair Repair & Growth With Keratin, Biotin, Argan, Onion, Tea Tree & Coffee, 200ml
Pollution, stress, extreme styling and unsanitary lifestyle take a toll on your hair. Rejuvenate your tresses with Bella Vita Organic’s One for All Hair Mask Cream. This intensive hair treatment restores damaged hair and strengthens the hair structure. It refreshes...
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Wooden Face Pack Mixing Bowl with 1 Applicator Brush
Wooden Sheesham Face Pack & Mask Mixing Bowl Is Completely Natural & Non Reactive To Any Type Of Face Packs. 1 Wooden brush  Help In Easy Mixing & Application. Ideal for Mixing and Applying Ready Made Face Packs, Masks, Powders,...
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