Let’s Get Real: Reel vs Real Life

Let’s Get Real: Reel vs Real Life

We live in a world where we are constantly told what to do, how to act, and what to be. But hey, knowing how to be real and true to yourself isn’t a challenge. Whenever someone asks, what are your goals, what are your proud accomplishments, we all feel the need to impress others, create a fake persona for ourselves so that people consider us to be more than. It’s in our human nature to seek validation from others, but our priority is to feel accepted and be real to ourselves.

The world is moving towards a new normal, and it’s evolving to create a diverse environment, taking a step towards normalizing reality and our glorious imperfections. It comes to no surprise that social media has been instrumental in fostering communities to explore and celebrate our ‘real’ selves in their rawest form. Accepting who we are is a bone-achingly yet a beautiful hard thing to do. It’s about being consciously opening your eyes to your flaws and seeing them in a whole new light. Well, it would hurt at first, but it’s a pain that’s worth a thousand lifetimes. And changing our perception towards our marvelous flaws as neutral traits is good and bad but ultimately it’s how we choose to react to things.

In today’s time, we’ll have so much to be grateful for, and gratitude helps to cultivate a positive mindset that helps you to accept yourself for who you are. Isn’t it true that knowing our weight is the last thing we want to know when we’re feeling chubby? But hey, you don’t have to think about it, love yourself the way you are, the REAL you.

If you’ll scroll through Instagram, you’ll find a plethora of hashtags, images, words, and messages of--- Body Positivity, Bare Skin, Colour, and many more. We’re slowly moving towards accepting our flaws and being real. Moving ahead, multiple brands in the beauty and fashion industry even dropped the term ‘normal’ from their packaging and advertising as a part of a positive beauty version.

And we at Bella Vita Organic started with a campaign #LetsGetReal. The basic idea is to urge people to be their natural selves by showing their REAL side and accept their glamorous flaws. Well, like we are with our products, ingredients, communication, and so much more. Loving your body is important, even if it’s for gram, in a certain way, it makes you celebrate self-love, be confident, and snap away! With the help of beauty campaigns, it resulted in inclusivity, inspiration, and less singular in what beauty constitutes. And a few game-changing moments in the beauty and fashion industry resulted in people celebrating all sizes, ages, and so-called “flaws” like body hair and acne.

Whether you like makeup or stay bare skin, be confident in being yourself. We all have flaws, some of us hide them with makeup while some of us like to flaunt them. Just as you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself, you can’t be true to anyone else until you are true to yourself. And by being REAL, you are being brave. By acknowledging all you can be to be real, the journey is easy and worth investing in. Staying REAL to yourself is all about how you master to live rather than forcing or faking it. How are you being real to yourself?

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