How To Grow Out Your Hair Colour?

How To Grow Out Your Hair Colour?

Whether you're a fashionista or not, full-fledged commitment to a hair colour has never been a woman's steady pursuit. The excitement of getting a new colour sustains from the moment we start researching until the day when fading starts to show. To follow which all we want is to either get rid of the colour or grow it out. 

While you can always go in for a quick salon appointment when you are trying to get rid of the color, growing it out can be a bit tricky. Unless you have been super cautious, the chances of your hair looking like a mess a couple of months after getting a colour are at the peak. But why worry when we have got your back? Here are some ways to grow out your hair colour without a disaster.

Go Ombre

Well, going ombre might be the simplest way to embrace your natural colour once again as the gradual gradation from dark to light is seamless. Embrace the ombré look and wait it out. Meanwhile, your regular trims or cuts will even out the shade. And, in case, you wish to speed up the process, you can replace the ombre highlights with lowlights closest to your natural tone. Do this every 6 to 12 weeks until all the colour has left your mane.

Add A Tint

Wait a couple of months before you opt for this route. Probably, when your natural hair starts to show, and your stylist can take a call on which tint will suit you best - you can travel this way. With the help of hair filling, your stylist will be able to restore your hair to their original colour and in an even tone.


Consult Your Stylist

Talk to your stylist before you reach for that dye bottle yourself. Consult and come up with a 360-degree hair care plan with proper timelines on when to come in for a sitting. Remember, do not try messing things up for hair dye cannot lift coloured hair. On average, hair grows about one and a half-inch per month. So, until you reach your natural state, care for it with colour-safe products and don't ghost your stylist


Grey Is The New In.

If the purpose of colouring your hair was to hide your grey hair, this might be an essential step for you. It is quite a significant upkeep to keep going in for root touch-ups, and a natural grey will pretty much blend into your lighter hair. Please don't cut your hair often and while the grey grows out, keep tweaking them with some highlights and semi-permanent colour. Naturally, to limit judgemental stares at bay!

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