How to Choose A Natural And Organic Shampoo?

How to Choose A Natural And Organic Shampoo?

The world seems to have caught up on the all-natural wave. With the hazards of chemical products discussed widely and the benefits of natural products, most of us are always on the hunt for good natural beauty products that work wonders on our skin and hair.

The problem however is the abundance of products in the market and the inability to know if the product being marketed as natural, really is natural. Hit and trial are not only heavy on the pocket but also wrecks havoc on skin and hair growth.

The pollution and hard water are anyway quite harsh on our skin and hair and it is a risky bet to opt for chemical-laden products that will do more harm than good.

Here is how you can choose the right organic shampoo for your hair. The process of skimming through a truckload of natural shampoos to find the perfect one for you involves knowing how to read beauty product labels, avoiding the dangerous ingredients and sticking to the right option.

Finding the perfect herbal shampoo for you:

Know the ingredients

The reason most companies fool you into using their harsh chemical shampoos on your hair under the disguise of herbal shampoos is they count on your ignorance that you won’t pay close attention to the list of products. That is why we make it easier for you to keep the beauty predators at bay by knowing the ingredients and knowing what is good for your hair and what is not.

Below are some ingredients that you will not find in the best organic shampoos:


Fragrances in beauty products are made up of phthalates that cause various issues such as breast cancer and ADHD. They are also known to disrupt hormones and thus you must stay clear of them by any means.


In order to keep the products longer and prevent early spoilage, manufacturers add preservatives to the products. These preservatives include parabens or benzyl alcohol. These are carcinogenic and pose long-term dangers to health.


Surfactants are responsible for getting rid of grime and dirt and are harsh on the hair. Sulfates in hair products strip the hair of natural oils and cause them to be brittle. They also make the hair colour fade faster. If a shampoo is a truly herbal shampoo, it must not contain Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureate These are not only harsh on hair but also bad for the environment.

Read the labels properly

 Now that you know the ingredients to look out for to avoid, you must read the labels carefully to miss them anyhow. A good organic shampoo will not have these ingredients. Here are some good ingredients that indicate a good herbal shampoo:

Essential oils

Essential oils have nourishing and moisturizing properties that soothe the scalp and nourish the hair.

Natural plant extracts

The plant name followed by the word ‘extract’ will be mentioned in the list of ingredients if it is present in the natural shampoo. These mean that a natural part of the plant is included in the organic shampoo. Some nourishing plant extracts are calendula flower extract, horsetail extract and sweet orange extract. These extracts help encourage hair growth.

Choose a good brand of herbal shampoo

It is wise to not fall for the claims only by attractive packaging all false claims of all natural. A good brand will have good reviews and will do what it claims. A good brand is vesting your trust that the ingredients do good for your hair. You can opt for organic shampoos with promises such as hair moisturizing, frizz smoothing, scalp cleaning etc. Remember that good organic shampoos will not promise overnight results. Good effects are a result of patience and commitment to a hair care regime.

For hair care products that work as promised and contain genuinely natural products that actually strengthen your hair, trust Bella Vita Organic. The range of products upon offer are truly organic and work as expected. Each product is manufactured using natural ingredients and fair practices. Bella Vita Organic promises not only beautiful hair but healthy hair that is strengthened from within.

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