5 Best Perfumes for Women under 500 - Head-Turning Elegant Scents

5 Best Perfumes for Women under 500

We’ll give it to you, ladies; understanding fragrances, don’t come that easy. And typically speaking, we like to wear our perfume and not the other way around. Distinguishing between the top, mid and base notes of a fragrance is as complicated as finding that perfect foundation shade. Our perfumes indeed reflect the personality, well; going off the ball with our scent selection can be as good as misleading our Bumble dates. So, team Bella Vita Organic brings the best perfumes for women under Rs 500. Scroll to know the perfume that’ll work for your personality and won’t hurt your pocket.

GLAM Perfume

Romantic yet dramatic defines Glam perfume. It’s a delicate blend with an accord of citrus and pepper at the top; a honey heart of rose and Jasmine as mid-notes, and a woody musky base. It’s a delightful fragrance that is a perfect match for the glamorous woman within you! Glam perfume is touted as the best musk perfume for women. You can consider it as best women perfumes under 500.


We know you’ll fall in love with Senorita Perfume, a truly sensual fragrance. This fresh concoction of yuzu & pomegranate layered with a heart of a lotus, exotic peony, and Magnolia, wraps the skin with a warm and ethereal scent leaving you feeling fresh. It has a seductive composition of fragrant notes that makes it a perfect choice for daywear at work and also for a quiet romantic dinner date. Wait no more, it’s time to pick Senorita-fresh yet fruity perfume & enjoy the alluring touch & fragrance.

ROSE Perfume

Flowers never felt so sensual! Roses are forever and Rose perfume by Bella Vita Organic is classic. It’s a delicate scent layered with the distinctive fragrance of fresh roses that makes it a perfect wear for every occasion. Its velvety and elegant notes evoke the romance of a Parisian rose garden that will indulge in the slow seduction of the senses. Time to flaunt your femininity in style with our signature rose perfume, or you can gift it to the special woman in your life too!

GOLD Perfume

Everything about this perfume reads mysterious, fresh, and, well, expensive. This long-lasting perfume with scents of fresh berries, flowers, and night musk—making this one heady concoction. Gold perfume is a seductive ladies’ perfume that leaves a lasting impression when you meet or walk by. It’s a well-suited perfume that fascinates affordable, fruity, and fresh fragrances. Well, it is surely a crowd-pleaser through and through.

FLAURA Perfume

Have you also chosen to lay back and enjoy the day? Flaura perfume is a refreshing, floral, fruity perfume that evokes a feeling of a lovely garden of flowers and berries with a deep, earthy fragrance that balances the sweet scent. Composed with a musky base, Flaura perfume is perfectly suitable for all the occasions that keep you refreshed and smelling good all day long. It’s an intimate fragrance that will make a befitting addition to your fragrance wardrobe for sure, wanna add it to your cart?

Luxury Perfumes Gift Set for Women

Ok, we’re not exaggerating when we say, Luxury Perfumes Gift Set is a premium gift to surprise your best friend or your loved ones. You get a set of 6 exclusive & premium scents with 10ml bottles that will satisfy your soul with every spray. Each perfume is travel-friendly, so you don’t have to compromise or choose just one perfume.

Perfume needs to uplift your mood & soul, with Bella Vita Organic perfumes for women that will transport you to a dreamy world entirely while subtly amplifying the impact of your attire. Don’t think much; head to our website & place your order now with amazing offers curated for you.

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