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C-Glow Body Wash Bar Bath Soap With Vitamin C, Coconut & Shea Butter, 150 gm
There’s nothing like a refreshing citrus splash after a long day with our C-Glow Body Wash Bar. Handmade soap with pure extracts of Vitamin C, Coconut, and a dollop of Shea Butter is extremely mild on the skin.  It has...
Rs. 199 Rs. 149
Chakra Cleanse Body Wash Bar Bath Soap With Sea Salt, Coffee & Shea Butter, 150 gm
Curated for a luxurious bathing experience, wake your skin up & dive into an energizing shower time with Chakra Cleanse Body Wash Bar. Our handcrafted wash bar is hand-churned by mixing dollops of raw natural Coffee, Rock Salt, and Shea...
Rs. 199 Rs. 149
CoalWave Body Wash Bar Bath Soap With Charcoal, Basil & Shea Butter, 150 gm
Bathe your skin with charcoal to get smooth skin with Bella Vita Organic’s CoalWave Body Wash Bar. Soap and charcoal do not seem to go well together but activated charcoal is known for its ability to remove toxins from the...
Rs. 199 Rs. 149
Detox Body Wash Bar Bath Soap With Neem, Basil & Tea Tree, 150 gm
Detox and nourish your skin with our handmade and natural Detox Body Wash Bar. Made with a pure herbal base of Neem, Basil, and Tea Tree, it’s extremely mild on skin with anti-bacterial properties. Our handmade wash bar prevents dryness...
Rs. 199 Rs. 149

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